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How dashCMA can help you break through the hyper-competitive real estate market

dashCMA is the modern real estate listing presentation tool that drastically simplifies the process and lets you easily customize home pricing presentations.

CORE Video gives you powerful new video messaging tools to build your business the human way

CORE Video powered by BombBomb helps your real estate business build and maintain meaningful relationships with video marketing integrated right into the kvCORE platform.

Attract, nurture, and retain your ideal recruits seamlessly with IdealEstate, now part of kvCORE

Tap into IdealEstate's pool of 1M+ real estate professionals and provide a seamless candidate journey from the top of the funnel all the way to your team or brokerage.

Inside Real Estate Named to 2021 HW Tech 100 Winners

This honor is right up our alley for Inside Real Estate, which continuously delivers cutting-edge technology that drives a more innovative and efficient housing market and propels the industry into the digital era.

How to position yourself as the local expert and get customers coming back to your website with Local Logic, now in kvCORE

The leading provider of hyper-local school, demographic, and lifestyle data, Local Logic makes it easy for brokers and agents to help customers search by local qualities that matter most.

Introducing Pond Accounts in kvCORE: Never let a lead go stale

Now, real estate teams can nurture a pool of contacts while leveraging the power of kvCORE's behavioral automation

Inside Real Estate℠ Now Providing Agent Marketing Platform to Intermountain MLS Agents

Real estate technology firm, Inside Real Estate, has announced an agreement with Intermountain Multiple Listing Service (IMLS) to provide their Core3 Online Marketing Platform that includes agent websites, blogging, social media, CRM, and IDX search solutions to its approximately 4,000 agents throughout the Treasure Valley, Idaho area.

Small and Midsized Brokers Power Recruiting with CORE BackOffice

Actually working out the commission program needed to recruit agents presents much less of a challenge than tracking these unique commission programs designed for each agent on something other than an Excel spreadsheet. Small and midsized firms need to support variety in their compensation plans in order to recruit and require an affordable solution that integrates with QuickBooks. In 2016 and 2017, entrepreneur Jeremy Shoenig developed software for exactly this purpose, called BrokerSumo.