The first-of-its-kind homeownership solution to put real estate brokerages and their agents at the center of the coveted lifetime consumer relationship. Available exclusively to kvCORE customers.


Keep clients engaged with you throughout their homeownership journey

The race is on. And the winners will be those who can best reach, influence and serve consumers throughout their lifetime homeownership journey. Inside Real Estate is prioritizing how brokerages and their agents can maintain consumer relationships that extend well beyond a transaction to become lifelong partners in homeownership.

Key Benefits of CORE Home

Prioritize Your Customers

Give your customers ONE central place to engage throughout the homeownership journey. A modern experience that rivals the portals while reinforcing your local brand.

Maximize Repeat & Referral Business

Keep your agents top of mind well beyond the transaction with a personalized experience that keeps customers loyal to your brokerage. Generate more repeat & referral business than ever before.

Increase Brokerage Profits

Reduce the cost to acquire new customers and capture more ancillary services revenue by keeping customers engaged between transactions. Bonus - you’ll attract the best agents too!

Unlock the key to lifelong client relationships

Every client is forever in some part of the homeownership lifecycle: living in their home, looking for their next home, going through a transaction or moving, and then back to the beginning.

CORE Home inserts the brokerage and the agent into the full homeownership lifecycle as the go-to resource.


Help consumers understand and track their greatest asset

Give consumers real-time alerts around home value and detailed local market data.

My Home offers visibility into their mortgage and insurance information, trends and opportunities to ensure they have the most competitive rates available.

Brokerages and agents stay top of mind as a vital information source, versus the homeowner going to Zillow or other sources every day.


Portal-grade search experience with brokerage branding

An intuitive, portal-grade home and market search and discovery experience tailored to the client’s life.

From exploring their next move with an advanced search experience, to insights designed to engage and “delight” with personalized results that evolve based on consumer behavior, homeowners can use tools to understand how much they can afford for their next home and get pre-qualified for a purchase.

Brokerages and agents can finally provide a modern search experience that beats the large portals and become the first to know when consumers start shopping for their next home.


Collaborate with your consumer to find the right place

Agents can use the best-in-class engagement tools in kvCORE to drive their consumers into the CORE Home experience.

In My Favorites, consumers will see their saved searches and suggested homes while also receiving automatic updates driving them back into the platform and keeping the agent top of mind.

CORE Home is the only app that helps agents stay connected with their database of contacts over the lifetime of their homeownership journey.


Engage with consumers directly through in-app chat

Reinforce the agent-consumer relationship with a direct channel for all communication. Agents are a “click to chat away,” making it easy for clients to reach out to the agent without leaving the CORE Home experience.

Consumers can ask questions as they navigate the information in the app, request information or book showings.

Agents receive push and email notifications directly through kvCORE, so all information is centralized and organized through your kvCORE CRM.


Provide Value, Even After the Sale

Your clients have big moves to plan for and make as part of their sale. My Move helps you effortlessly provide value, and help them through the moving process.

Dashboards showcase their move progress, checklists organize to-dos, tasks, and make it easy to see the whole picture and complete each piece. Your service referrals ensure they’re taken care of, by the very best, every step of the way.


Help Them Understand Their Transaction

Stay with your clients through every step of the closing process, and help them stay on top of to-dos.

My Transaction offers the clarity and transparency that everyone craves with handy checklists for transaction tasks that keep your clients moving through the process with ease.


Stay Top-of-Mind While Clients Manage Their Investment

It can be hard to continue engaging with clients after they’re all settled, but you’re always the trusted expert and top-of mind with My Maintenance.

Your clients can leverage this feature to track maintenance needs seasonally and request your preferred service vendors to get things taken care of.  It’s the personal touch that keeps them loyal to your brokerage!

CORE Home App

  • Available in both iOS and Android
  • CORE Home Premium offers customer, white-label brokerage branding
  • Built-in chat functionality to connect consumer directly with their agent
  • Fully integrated with kvCORE for easy management

kvCORE has been the backbone of our brokerage tech stack and it has given us the advantage to accelerate market share. By also adding CORE Home, our Agents have the ability to maintain great relationships with their clients 365 days of the year...not just during the home buying or home selling process. Providing a very personalized home ownership experience has been a huge win for both our agents and their clients.

Ron Snow
Broker/Owner // RE/MAX Associates

We are so excited about CORE Home and what it means for our customers and agents alike. Homeownership is an experience, not a transaction. With CORE Home, we are able to keep our customers and our agents connected throughout the experience and deliver critical information to both which allows them to build understanding, wealth, and relationship. As we continue to see the engagement grow, we grow more excited for what this means to our customers and agents now and what we know it will be bringing to their fingertips in the future.

Wendi Iglesias
The Keyes Company

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