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A unique tech ecosystem to power your real estate brand

kvCORE for Large Brokerages &  Franchise Brands

The real estate landscape is more challenging than ever for franchise brands & large brokerages. Your consumers demand modern, seamless experiences. Your agents expect powerful technology to increase their productivity. Your brokers need tools to create greater efficiency and new revenue streams. As your partner, Inside Real Estate takes on these challenges with you, building a unique tech ecosystem to drive brand value, loyalty and profitability throughout your organization. 

Differentiate Your Brand

We’re here to help you shine. We work collaboratively with our Enterprise partners to create a unique tech ecosystem that reinforces your brand, your culture, your operational practices.  Leverage our modern, flexible platform to create a technology solution that’s fully branded to you, deeply integrated into your tools & systems, customized to your unique needs, and seamlessly delivered to add value to your entire organization.  

Deepen Loyalty & Retention

Competition for top talent is more aggressive than ever before. Your team needs more than empty promises & a future roadmap to recruit experienced real estate agents and keep franchisees on board. We’ll help you win the recruiting & retention war with the most sought after and proven tech solution on the market. A platform that agents, teams and brokerage leaders LOVE to use, that drives productivity and profitability to keep your organization fiercely loyal for years to come.

Support High Scale Growth

You need to be agile to stay ahead in this real estate environment. Mergers, acquisitions, opening new markets, new offices, new models - you need a technology platform that can keep up! We power 5 of the largest, fastest growing real estate brands in North America, which means we have the architecture, resources and experience to power your business today and the flexibility to take you into your next chapter of growth.

Unlock The Potential of Your Data

For decades the real estate industry has operated in technology silos that hinder adoption & productivity but also limit access to valuable business data. At Inside Real Estate, we’ll help you create a tech ecosystem with modern data architecture and robust APIs to unlock new opportunities for your business. From streamlining roster management and data aggregation to helping maximize ancillary services revenue, we’ll help you centralize your data and unlock new potential. 

Deliver a Win, On Time & On Budget

You’ve been through more than your fair share of rocky technology launches. Vendors who over promised and under delivered, missed deadlines, miscommunications, unexpected fees, more frustrations than results. It’s time to finally deliver a WIN!  At Inside Real Estate, we know what goes into a successful launch and we’ll work with your entire team to ensure your project comes in on time and on budget - with plenty of raving fans!

Powering the fastest growing brands in real estate

We’ve been looking at various technology solutions for years, but there was never anything out there that could solve what we needed. We had three different groups within our family of companies working on this decision and they all came up with the same conclusion: Inside Real Estate.

Bill Scavone
President // Weichert Real Estate Affiliates, Inc.

More than just great tech

At Inside Real Estate you get more than just award winning technology solutions. You get a team of experts with the experience and resources to ensure your success:

Experienced Onboarding Team

Organized implementation process,
to get you up and running fast.

Dedicated Customer Success

Seasoned account managers to drive
ongoing adoption & success.

Fast, Effective Support

24/7 Support Center + Live Chat from knowledgeable support pros.

Built-in Learning Center

Extensive library of interactive training
courses & content.

Vibrant Mastermind Community

Nearly 50K real estate pros sharing
best practices, tips & tricks.

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