Brokermint provides a single, streamlined solution to manage agent onboarding and billing and commission tracking and disbursements, along with agent management, reporting, and accounting - so your brokerage can run smoothly & profitably.

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Simplify and Streamline Your Back Office with Powerful Cloud-Based Automation

Brokermint is designed for real estate brokerages who need an easier way to manage their commissions & financials. From automated agent onboarding and billing to transaction review and dynamic commission disbursements, Brokermint makes managing and paying your agents a breeze from the desktop or mobile app. Plus, robust performance reporting and accounting provide the visibility you need to drive maximum profitability. Now deeply integrated with kvCORE, Brokermint empowers your front and back office teams through accurate data, process improvements, and continued success.

Key Benefits of Brokermint
Real estate back office software

Checklists & Todos

Everything you need to stay on top of it all: reminders, documents, proactive alerts, and a simple snapshot of your daily tasks. Deadlines are met, roadblocks are eliminated, and time is prioritized.

eSignature & State Forms

The speedy and secure way to send forms, collect signatures, and seamlessly document every step. Pre-populated templates and signer boxes on state and local forms simplify the process for everyone.

Buyer Offers

Multiple offers, multiple clients, market mayhem? Make sense of it all with a full view of your pipeline, and insight into every inch of each transaction, all in one system.

Unlimited Sommissions

Splits, sliding scales, caps, fees? Create, configure, and edit unlimited team or individual plans with ease along with a team of experts to get you onboarded and off to a running start.

Calculation & CDAs

Sales commission processing made simple. Automatically apply commission plans to transactions, track deposits and balances, generate commission disbursement authorizations (CDAs), and send agent statements in a snap.

QuickBooks Integration

Better together! Seamlessly sync with QuickBooks to boost profit margins, track commission checks and disbursements, and pull those admins out of overwhelm.

Agent Billing

Agent billing on autopilot: track balances, send or split invoices, and charge expenses via credit card for a lean team, or an agent army. Keep track of anything, without manually entering everything.

Agent Statements

Generate and email automatic monthly statements to your agents. Every charge and all financial activity over the previous month is detailed, so your agents see exactly what they owe and can make a prompt payment.

Commissions and Expenses

All expense activity is tracked and monitored for better oversight and easy check and statement prep. Simple and secure ACH payments mean next-day deposits too (read: very happy agents).


Give them a running start with onboarding checklists, reminders, and customizable templates that keep everyone organized, and scale your process.

Goal Setting

Crush goals and create friendly competition with goal setting and tracking capabilities for agents, and reports to show how they’re stacking up while giving them everything they need to manage every part of their business, even on the fly.

Team Management

Teamwork makes the dream work, and now you can manage everything from commission plans to individual performance metrics, and compare teams and create rosters with ease.

Dashboards & Reports

Quickly spin up pipeline views, projected and pending cash flow, and progress-tracking reports unlimited customization (and the option to save templates and export to excel) means monitoring what matters most to you and putting your data to work, faster.

Transaction Analytics

Every detail of each transaction is tracked, monitored, and instantly available to help you track total sales volume, listings, and lead performance. Compare your results to past performance and determine which funnels fuel your ROI.

Agent Performance

Track team performance by volume, commissions, split contributions, and more, and see who’s crushing commissions in one location, or across several offices with just a few clicks.

Why Brokermint?

Powerful tools for real estate professionals.

You’re a Real Estate Pro Not an Accountant

Account payables and receivables, balance sheets, general ledgers? These are accounting tools, not real estate tools. You need a system that was built with the real estate professional in mind and speaks the language of real estate. 

Maximum Efficiency = Maximum Profit

What does your current process look like for onboarding a new agent? Or processing a transaction? If you’re like most brokerages, it’s painfully inefficient. Brokermint streamlines operations, reducing inefficiency while maximizing profitability.

Trusted by the Best of the Best

Brokermint is the back office platform of choice for over 2,000 top real estate brokerages, supporting over 65,000 agents and processing over 500,000 transactions per year. To date, Brokermint has processed over $5B in commissions per year and is connected to over 260+ MLS systems. In short, we’ve got you covered.

A Modern Day Brokerage

Your agents are using technology to grow their business, you need to as well. Brokermint integrates with over 20 partners, including kvCORE, so that you can be the type of brokerage they’d want to work for—a brokerage utilizing the latest in technology and giving its agents every advantage to help them succeed.

Keep Front Office and Back Office Aligned with kvCORE

The powerful combo your whole business will love. Front and back office integration empowers agents, brokers, and teams to be more efficient and more organized with meaningful data.

  • Agents can seamlessly start transactions right in kvCORE, saving time and effort.
  • Brokers can see active opportunities in the pipeline and manage monthly projections.
  • Transaction coordinators can see accurate details and the status of every deal in both solutions.
  • Accounting managers get a bird’s eye view into the entire operation, from “click” to “close.”

“If you are looking for a system that goes beyond simple transaction management (documents, e-sign, etc.), then Brokermint would be a solid system to consider. Prior to Brokermint, we were manually pulling info from the MLS and estimating figures to get a rough idea of where we would be as a brokerage in 30,60,90 days. Brokermint merges transaction management and financials, allowing us to customize reports, and receive real-time updates from agents on transaction changes (price, closing date, etc.).”

Jessica Souza
Operations Director at Paradise Exclusive Real Estate

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