All the tools and solutions you need to fuel your real estate business in one place. Marketplace allows you to further customize kvCORE with the right solutions to help you build, nurture and convert your clients with ease and automation. Together with kvCORE, Marketplace helps you be more productive and close more deals.


Your complete top-funnel marketing solution to fill and nurture your pipeline.

Success Assurance

Capitalize on every opportunity, with success assurance, the game-changing Lead Concierge Service.

Property Boost

Instantly boost listings on Facebook and Instagram to build your buyer pool, showcase your local expertise and impress your buyers with digital marketing that drives real leads.

Post Close Companion

Post Close Companion nurtures your client connections, enhances your reputation, and drives business growth.

Get Seller Leads

If you’re looking for more leads to fuel your pipeline—but are too busy to manage all the advertising yourself—then Get Seller Leads is for you!

Smart Social Leads

Keep your database growing with fresh leads each month leveraging visually engaging, branded carousel ads, featuring multiple listings on Facebook and Instagram ads.

Nosy Neighbor

Become the go-to listing agent in your area with an exclusive zip code featuring automated postcard farming, emails, and digital marketing to identify potential sellers.

Managed Google PPC Ads

Use search ads to target people actively searching for properties. Google PPC leads tend to have more intent with a shorter cycle.

Google Display

Stay top of mind with animated banner ads targeting people who have already visited your website. Keep your brand in front of potential customers so they recall you when they are ready.

Lead Conceirge

Supplement agent activity with consistent, tailored follow-up designed to fit into your workflows and deliver appointments.

CORE Video

Send proactive and personalized video messages to stay connected with your contacts and help you stand out from the crowd.

Smart Number

Personalize and track your marketing efforts with a Smart Number for text, calls and shortcodes. Your exclusive number lets you track and manage your lead efforts.

Voicemail Drop

Effortlessly send leads and contacts a pre-recorded message that drops to their voicemail inbox without placing a call.


AmpStats is your brokerage’s all-in-one solution to recruitment, retention, and growth coaching.