The kvCORE Marketplace allows every user to customize their platform with premium,
vetted add-on solutions to amp up your lead generation, your listing exposure, your websites and your brand.

CORE Team Add-on

The CORE Team Add-On empowers your team with a personal, private platform customized to meet the unique needs of your team business.

CORE PropertyBoost

Fully automated social media listing campaigns drive maximum listing exposure & leads from day one.

CORE Video, powered by BombBomb

Experience the most powerful video messaging solution in the industry - directly from kvCORE with CORE Video, powered by BombBomb.

CORE Social

Automate your social media presence with custom curated content.

Smart Number Add-on

Your personal, lead capturing Smart Number to power up the functionality of kvCORE, from text messages to calls and short codes.

CORE Voicemail Drop

Effortlessly send leads and contacts a voicemail without having to call them with pre-recorded voicemail messages.

Wordpress IDX Plugin

Integrate kvCORE's powerful IDX and backend CRM features to your own custom built Wordpress site with our kvCORE Plugin.

Paid Advertising Solutions

Our paid advertising solutions offer you the most advanced technology and most experienced team to manage your lead gen efforts for you.

Pro Agent Branding Pack

The Agent Branding pack gives you a suite of tools that helps you boost your personal brand through kvCORE.

Custom Website Solutions

Enhance your website with advanced options including Semi-Custom Websites, Hyperlocal & Market Specific Sites & Custom Wordpress Options

Custom Website Domain

Personalize your kvCORE website by adding your custom domain name to your personal, team or office website.

Local Logic

kvCORE’s integration with Local Logic arms your website with rich lifestyle data for precision search results.

Ideal Estate

IdealEstate is the first real estate referral network dedicated to helping real estate professionals stay connected.

INRIX Drivetime

Drivetime focused searches makes the search functionality on your kvCORE site stickier and helps you generate more leads.


Real estate’s hottest CMA solution ensures you win more listings, win more accepted offers, and most importantly, win your client’s trust.


AmpStats is your brokerage’s all-in-one solution to recruitment, retention, and growth coaching.