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a real estate platform built to empower EVERY AGENT

kvCORE for Agents

Networking, Prospecting, Converting Leads, Niche Marketing… Each agent has their own approach to real estate based on their unique strengths.  Many brokerages try to piece together products to meet these unique needs but just end up with a sea of disjointed tools that don’t talk to one another.  kvCORE is the only real estate platform that empowers every type of agent to manage & grow their business, all from one central place. 

For the Networking Agent

As a Networker, relationships are your superpower. You grow your business by leveraging and expanding your sphere of influence and the relationships you’ve built within it.  kvCORE helps you maximize your efforts with easy to use, automated marketing campaigns to stay top of mind and drive referrals. Features like CORE Video and CORE Voicemail Drop help you deliver personalized touch points at scale while testimonial integration and built-in social media marketing help you grow your online footprint.

For the Prospecting Agent

As a Prospector, you’re the master of turning conversations into closed business. You’ll take a list of FSBOs and expired listings and drum appointments like no other. kvCORE supercharges your efforts with ongoing lead validation and a built-in Mobile Dialer so you can power through calls more efficiently and connect to prospects who’ve shown warm intent. kvCORE will surface your hottest opportunities and automate ongoing follow-up so you know exactly where to best spend your time each day.

For the Lead Converting Agent

As a Converter, your quick responses and strong sales skills beat out the competition to win over new business. kvCORE will help you diversify lead sources and reduce costs with a high performing lead capture website, unlimited Landing Pages, IDX Squeeze Pages and Text Codes. The built-in Marketplace allows you to run paid advertising campaigns from one place while kvCORE’s Behavioral Automation leverages consumer behavior to intelligently follow-up, maximizing lead engagement & conversion rates.

For the Niche Marketing Agent

As a Marketer, you’re a genius at understanding your target audience and building a brand that resonates with them. kvCORE helps you capitalize on your brand value with a fully customizable IDX website, real-time Listing Alerts & beautifully branded Market Reports. Unlimited custom Text Codes drive higher ROI from your print marketing & farming efforts while automated Marketing Campaigns & an easy to use HTML editor allow you to create engaging digital content that showcases your local expertise.

Everything you Need in One Place

You’re pulled in a million directions each day. From coordinating showings and responding to clients, to promoting listings and submitting offers. You don’t have time to master dozens of outdated tech tools to manage and grow your business. No more juggling logins, with kvCORE you’ll have a powerful, fully mobile system to streamline your day, maximize your time, and allow you to focus on what you do best: selling real estate.

A proud partner to hundreds of top real estate brands across the US & Canada

Our agents and teams use kvCORE daily to drive more leads and deals. We love that it works for lead-generation along with our agent’s Sphere of Influence, Prospecting, Networking, etc. They love it! These guys have helped established us as the leaders in our market with their technology.

Jeff Russell
Broker/Owner, Russell Realty

More than just great tech

At Inside Real Estate you get more than just award winning technology solutions. You get a team of experts with the experience and resources to ensure your success:

Dedicated Onboarding Team

Organized implementation process,
to get you up and running fast.

Experienced Account Management

Seasoned account managers to drive
ongoing adoption & success.

Fast, Effective Support

24/7 Support Center + Live Chat from knowledgeable support pros.

Built-in Learning Center

Extensive library of interactive training
courses & content.

Vibrant Mastermind Community

Nearly 50K real estate pros sharing
best practices, tips &tricks.

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