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How dashCMA can help you break through the hyper-competitive real estate market

dashCMA is the modern real estate listing presentation tool that drastically simplifies the process and lets you easily customize home pricing presentations.

Achieving an Audacious Goal: Royal LePage's Future-Focused Digital Transformation with rlpSPHERE

Royal LePage is once again shaking the industry’s foundations as a technology innovator with the launch of its ground-breaking digital ecosystem, rlpSPHERE. Powered by kvCORE, the platform features a suite of fully integrated proprietary and industry technologies.

Pulling back the curtain: How top independent brokerage, Samson Properties, recruits over 100 new agents per month.

“Once agents see and hear about our tech stack, and find out it’s free to them, the deal is done,” says Donny Samson, CEO of Samson Properties. "The tech stack offered by Inside Real Estate's kvCORE Platform has been a game-changer for us."

Canvas Real Estate Sees Massive Growth Through Independent Tech & Training

Canvas Real Estate is among Florida’s leading independent real estate firms. Spanning the east coast from their base in Ft. Lauderdale, the firm is generating over $13 million in gross commission income across 800 agents. WAV Group founding partner, Victor Lund met with Canvas CEO Ernesto Vega to learn about the key strategies that are powering success at Canvas.

One More Time, with Pam Johnson O'Connor

Pam O’Connor retired only two years ago from Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, where she was more than its President and CEO, she was an industry leader and a mentor to many. Inside Real Estate was thrilled to have her join us on the second edition of Insider Spotlight.

5 Takeaways from 7 Talking Points on Making Your Brokerage Profitable in a Shifting Market

In an insightful and candid discussion with Inside Real Estate’s Executive Vice President of Marketing and Enterprise Sales, Alissa Harper, REAL Trends President Steve Murray offered attendees a slew of suggestions on how brokerages can do just that to cope with the inevitable changes that the COVID-19 crisis will bring to the industry.

How Weichert is Supercharging its Engine for the Future

National real estate powerhouse, New Jersey-based Weichert Realtors® has a long history of innovating to grow...50 years to be exact. With the recent launch of its brand-new technology ecosystem—myWeichert, powered by kvCORE—the firm has upped its value proposition for the more than 13,000 company and affiliated sales associates it serves.

What we learned in 2019 and what it means for you in 2020

With the landscape more crowded and confusing than ever, we reflected on the lessons we all learned last year, uncovering three ideas that we believe can lead us back to a path toward service, collaboration, and smart growth. And, it favors the agent-based model that’s worked for more than a century.

Homes of Idaho

Homes of Idaho experiences record growth by breaking the "one-size-fits-all" mold. “We’ve been able to build our own tech ecosystem that fits our culture and brand, so even if another brokerage in our market is using kvCORE, it isn’t going to look like our kvCORE.” -- Colby Lampman, Broker/Owner, Homes of Idaho

Small and Midsized Brokers Power Recruiting with CORE BackOffice

Actually working out the commission program needed to recruit agents presents much less of a challenge than tracking these unique commission programs designed for each agent on something other than an Excel spreadsheet. Small and midsized firms need to support variety in their compensation plans in order to recruit and require an affordable solution that integrates with QuickBooks. In 2016 and 2017, entrepreneur Jeremy Shoenig developed software for exactly this purpose, called BrokerSumo.

Real estate teams should demand more. Here’s why.

Teams are often the highest contributors to brokerage sales volume and one of the fastest-growing segments in real estate. This makes teams a critical part of today’s real estate landscape, so it’s important for brokers to make an effort to do whatever they can to recruit and retain teams in their organization. Fortunately, industry technology has improved in recent years and there are solutions today, like kvCORE Platform from Inside Real Estate, that effectively support teams and individual agents on one platform. Now, broker-owners have complete control, but can also allow their teams and agents to customize the platform to fit their needs and create their personal and private platform within the broker platform.

Tapping the Zillow Gap - Competing on Consumer Experience

Ah, Zillow. The real estate portal we all know and love? It’s no secret that many homebuyers leverage the “Z word” to begin their initial stages of the homebuying process. Due to the popularity of Zillow with homebuyers, many brokerages and agents alike feel they must be committing a dedicated monthly budget to the platform for a perceived fear of missing out on a potentially limitless stream of leads. Many real estate professionals also feel there is an unspoken expectation they need to be present on the search portal to truly compete with those who are also on Zillow. However, often the cons/disadvantages of advertising with Zillow outweigh the perceived pros.

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