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How do you get agents to adopt your technology? Try these 5 ideas

When it comes to getting your agents to use your tech what is it you really need? Here are five great value propositions

Building a Future-Proof Business Model

Inside Real Estate continues to innovate, driving massive growth for Utah brokerage

Top 6 tech reasons agents leave your brokerage

From disconnected tools to lack of database privacy, here’s how your tech might put your brokerage at risk

3 more ways to boost your SOI game

Real estate pros never stop networking, but growing your sphere of influence doesn’t equal success without engagement. Here are 3 more tips to boost your SOI now.

3 ways to dust off your sphere of influence now

Even top agents can get quickly overwhelmed with the volume of touchpoints needed to keep their sphere engaged. Give your SOI a shot in the arm with these tips.

Big wins, minimal risk: 6 growth hacks for real estate teams

Smaller teams need strategies that will yield a high return with low risk, preferably with a marginal investment of time and money. We have six simple strategies to help you grow now.

Growing your brokerage or team? 5 of the most creative recruiting tips we’ve seen

Two valued Inside Real Estate brokerage clients share the unique ways they recruit (and retain) agents, plus we have recruiting tips from our Agent and Success Team.

The excitement over CORE Present is palpable across The Keyes Company’s footprint and here’s why

​​If an agent can’t show sellers instant data and instant numbers, they won’t get the listing. That’s why CORE Present is changing the way Keyes agents win deals and CMO Paula Renaldo is a huge fan.

Providing Agents the Support They Need to Win in Today’s Market

How Dilbeck Real Estate is combating tight inventory with a tech stack that’s second to none

3 winning ways to get sellers to list with you NOW

Here are the top strategies agents see success with in this hyper-competitive market

Why Playbooks are like wizards that drive better results 5 ways

Playbooks in kvCORE automate everyday activities, so agents have a clear, streamlined process that eliminates the guesswork of what to do, how to do it, and when to do it.

The 6 hottest tech features being used by top teams

Inside Real Estate has a strong pulse on the unique needs of teams. What are the team features we hear about the most? Here’s a rundown of the top functions being used and demanded by top teams across the country.

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