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How dashCMA can help you break through the hyper-competitive real estate market

dashCMA is the modern real estate listing presentation tool that drastically simplifies the process and lets you easily customize home pricing presentations.

January 18, 2021
Karen Abram
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We’ve all gone into a real estate listing presentation with a thick stack of pricing reports we thought would win the listing. We have a ton of applicable data and have printed two or three (or more) pricing presentations. Still, you end up overwhelming your clients with too much data, and now there’s no way to have a meaningful conversation about home pricing. 

We feel your pain. Karen Abram, dashCMA founder and product director at Inside Real Estate, is a licensed real estate agent who lost her first real estate deal because of that thick stack of papers. “I made it to page nine when my client stopped me and said, ‘if you’re a great negotiator, you should be able to get this done for the price I want.’”

Abram realized she was giving her client too much information. “I wasn’t telling a compelling story that fit my premise, and my pricing presentation didn’t fit my client’s unique needs,” she told us. “I knew my client’s price was too low, but that didn’t matter if I couldn’t help my client see that. After all, the offer price was their decision, not mine.  So, I went to work on a real estate comps software solution that would help me translate my knowledge into an understandable, digestible format to win more listings.”

To build a pricing tool that would beat her competitors on listings, Abram knew, needed to be interactive, intelligent, and intuitive. “I wanted a tool that let me build and change my pricing presentation on the fly – with my clients right beside me if I wanted – to earn their confidence in my pricing strategy along with their trust,” says Abram. “I wanted it to track my client’s engagement and behaviors within the tool so I’d know precisely where they were focusing, and my follow-up would be spot-on. It needed to be simple to use, and it needed to differentiate me as an agent.”

Enter dashCMA, a modern real estate pricing tool that drastically simplifies the process of creating and presenting a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). Awarded a Top Ten Tech Product by Inman, dashCMA delivers key data points in an elegant and interactive format that takes minutes, not hours. Most CMA tools have an intimidating number of blank fields, with no guidance or prompts. A basic report can be 80 pages or more, and you’re lucky to find any analysis before page 65. There’s no prioritization and few branding opportunities.

dashCMA, on the other hand, helps you create robust yet simple, conversational presentations you easily customize and personalize for your brand, pitch, and even your client’s design aesthetic. It gets the job done with clear, simple steps you easily interact with and that your clients and potential clients can interact with, too. Plus, dashCMA reports all those interactions back to you so you’re always up to speed with where they focused their attention.

Every day, brokers and agents look to Inside Real Estate for a next-generation CMA solution that ups their game and helps them win more listings. It’s imperative in this hyper-competitive market, and if you’ve used other CMA tools, you know you need more.

dashCMA is currently available for purchase by brokerages as a standalone product. It’s also integrated into Inside Real Estate’s flagship platform, kvCORE, making it the first real estate CMA software that lets you create branded real estate pricing presentations and track engagement right from your CRM dashboard! 

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