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Fall 2022 Release - Future Proof Your Business with kvCORE

kvCORE continues to pioneer innovations that provide the best solutions for brokers and agents

November 9, 2022
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Our Fall Release showcases our product innovation, and our highly anticipated NEW solutions like CORE Listing Machine & Design Center. Our goal is to ensure brokerage continues to shine brightly, to thrive, and to stand out from the competition.

Here’s a recap of our Fall 2022 Release:

kvCORE Enhancements

Level up your brand with new website features

Showcase your local expertise and your experience while differentiating yourself from the competition, with new website designs and enhanced customization options. 

Multiple design templates will be available for you to leverage, with your brand front and center! The new website designs feature refreshed formats, fonts, and colors, differentiating you from the competition. Reinforce your experience and the results you’ve delivered for your customers, with prominent SOLD Listing Carousels available to be leveraged on your homepage. Our Featured Areas effectively showcase your local expertise, while capitalizing on how consumers search today with automated, community-centric highlights.

Worry free texting

We are helping to ensure you are compliant in your marketing efforts through new opt-in language at various customer touch points.  The new worry-free texting enables you to take advantage of kvCORE’s direct messaging capabilities, worry-free!

One of our most beloved products - Property Boost - just got better!  Maximize your listing and brand exposure with Subscription Property Boost

In the true spirit of “set-it and forget-it”, Subscription Property Boost is the quintessential social media advertising solution for brokers and teams.

Leverage your listings to generate leads the easy way with NEW Subscription Property Boost. Now more than ever, the age-old saying, ‘those who LIST, LAST”, resonates. Property Boost automatically advertises your listings on Facebook and Instagram to prospective buyers, promoting based on their lifecycle stage.  Leads are delivered directly to kvCORE for automated follow-up.  

Subscription Property Boost enables you to set the budget of your choosing to leverage your listings and get more leads for your agents! Find it in the Marketplace inside kvCORE.

NEW Solutions

CORE Listing Machine & Design Center

Dominate your brand with CORE Listing Machine! Integrated within kvCORE’s Platform ecosystem, CORE Listing Machine now provides you with a sleek and modern experience to help agents promote their listings from COMING SOON to JUST SOLD!

SEAMLESS AUTOMATION: Designed to auto-populate all print and digital marketing assets using agent profile and listing information, we take the work out of building assets that differentiate you from your competition.

SIMPLE & EASY TO USE: Don’t have a graphic designer on staff? Not to worry. We’ve made it simple and easy to design marketing materials with a newly redesigned user interface, so you can focus on what you do best - selling homes and servicing your clients!

CUSTOMIZABLE LISTING KITS: First of its kind, dynamic listing kits allow agents to customize their marketing templates based on the type of property they’re marketing. 

CORE Listing Machine & Design Center is THE central place for all of your property and personal branding marketing, promotion of properties and yourself. 

  • Access to a stunning library of premium, professional templates that can be leveraged for both print and digital marketing assets
  • Design families - flyers, postcards, door hangers - automatically create designs that apply to all for all marketing assets automatically
  • Seamless customization with the ability to edit templates within your brand guidelines
  • Social media automation drives your customer nurture strategy

The All New CORE Social

When it comes to social media, “Content is King.” The NEW CORE Social enables you to stay top-of-mind with expertly created content that is published automatically to your social media feeds. 

  • A professionally curated library of articles - from realty, to cooking - is available for you to choose from
  • The ability to select a variety of beautiful holiday-themed content published automatically on the holiday
  • With the click of a button, you can select from an array of content themes that are published  to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • You decide the content, the cadence, and the platforms - we do the rest

Power Profitability with CORE Home

CORE Home is the FIRST of its kind homeownership solution for brokerages and their agents. 

CORE Home anchors customers in a single place, enabling you to deliver a seamlessly connected experience throughout the entire home ownership lifecycle. It gives your clients one place to:

  • See their current home value and market trends
  • Begin searching for their next home
  • Collaborate with their agent to find the perfect place 

CORE Home provides your customers with an enhanced, collaborative experience for your existing customers, providing homeowners with a guided experience which enables them to exponentially expand their searches! This tailored search experience simplifies what can be a daunting home-buying and home-selling process. Customers are able to uniquely filter their search results, search preferences, and requirements unlike ever before in this intuitive customer-centric solution.

A new approach to recruiting and retention with AmpStats

kvCORE is THRILLED to announce the newest solution in our suite of tools, AmpStats.

AmpStats is your solution to seamless recruitment and retention:

  • Delivering unprecedented visibility into key agent performance metrics, enabling you to focus on agent retention and growth. 
  • Brokers can quickly identify the right candidates with search features that show production data and agent movement to pinpoint optimal recruiting targets. 
  • Compelling, visual net income comparison that breaks down agent earnings will fuel your recruitment efforts, making it easier than ever to get the right agents on board.

Your agents are arguably your greatest asset. Nurture their growth while fueling your pipeline with new talent with this intuitive new solution! 

Questions about the Fall 2022 Release?  

  • Brokers & Admins - reach out to your Customer Success Manager
  • Agents - Contact your Broker or IRE Support Team

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Why kvCORE?

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