AmpStats is your brokerage's all-in-one solution to recruitment, retention, and growth coaching. AmpStats enables brokers and teams the ability to visualize and measure key business metrics across multiple offices, identify growth opportunities leveraging competitive intel, increase agent productivity, and drive smarter recruiting practices.

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Grow with confidence. Recruiting, Coaching & Retention with AmpStats to empower your team like never before.

AmpStats is a recruiting platform built for self-service and brokerage partners, providing a single, consolidated, analytics experience leveraging real-time real estate metrics and data points (e.g. CRM, MLS, Contracts). This solution helps brokers and teams to successfully grow their business through talent acquisition. AmpStats helps brokerages and teams find agents of all experience levels and within different markets while enabling brokerages to drive meaningful recruiting and value proposition conversations with prospective talent.

Key Benefits of AmpStats
Real estate Recruiting and Retention software

Operational Dashboard

Detailed Operational KPI Dashboard with meaningful market stats and metrics designed to give Brokers a holistic pulse of their business upon initial login. There is no other product on the market which enables you to stitch all of your regions simultaneously in one cohesive view. The interpretation of this data enables brokers to action business decisions quickly and efficiently.

Office and Agent Reports

Here is where a broker is able to see performance and trending data per individual office in addition to an individual agent’s key performance indicators (e.g. active listings, pending listings, listing transitions and volume, total transactions and revenue generated). Gaps in this data present a coaching opportunity (e.g., hundreds of activity touchpoints with little movement). Automated notifications also allow for instant agent activity updates for both agent roster as well as prospect roster, indicating new, pending, and closed listings. This says, “I am paying attention and I care about your business”. This functionality is critically important to retention and recruitment discussions.

Calculation & CDAs

Sales commission processing made simple. Automatically apply commission plans to transactions, track deposits and balances, generate commission disbursement authorizations (CDAs), and send agent statements in a snap.

QuickBooks Integration

Better together! Seamlessly sync with QuickBooks to boost profit margins, track commission checks and disbursements, and pull those admins out of overwhelm.

Smart Recruiting Campaigns

Users have the ability to create personalized recruiting campaigns through the kvCORE platform integration. When a recruit is added from AmpStats to kvCORE, a smart campaign can initiate based on hashtags or user based settings.

Goal Setting

Crush goals and create friendly competition with goal setting and tracking capabilities for agents, and reports to show how they’re stacking up while giving them everything they need to manage every part of their business, even on the fly.

Team Management

Teamwork makes the dream work, and now you can manage everything from commission plans to individual performance metrics, and compare teams and create rosters with ease.

Why AmpStats?

Proactive, web-based software; Use any Device, anywhere

data Consolidation

Consolidated CRM/MLS/Contract data surfaced in Ampstats, it creates strategic opportunities (visibility) for business expansion or performance improvement conversations all in one place, in addition brokers will also save hundreds of hours per year being able to focus their time on more meaningful business strategy and talent acquisition efforts versus searching for information.

Market Leading CRM Integration

The only leading CRM integrated recruiting platform on the market; One click to add prospects to automated digital marketing campaigns via kvCORE integration.

Three Core Elements Of Recruiting and Retention Built-In

Market Data (MLS, CRM, Contracts)
Digital Marketing (kvCORE integration)
Human Engagement (AmpStats enables brokers to strategically guide, drive, and facilitate meaningful recruiting conversations)

AmpStats is Simple and Data Smart!

Ampstats is simple because of its visual design, clear limited actions, hidden details until needed, and focus is only on primary recruiting and retention use cases.Ampstats is data smart because it puts the data to work instead of users.

Keep Front Office and Back Office Aligned with kvCORE

The powerful combo your whole business will love. Front and back office integration empowers agents, brokers, and teams to be more efficient and more organized with meaningful data.

  • Agents can seamlessly start transactions right in kvCORE, saving time and effort.
  • Brokers can see active opportunities in the pipeline and manage monthly projections.
  • Transaction coordinators can see accurate details and the status of every deal in both solutions.
  • Accounting managers get a bird’s eye view into the entire operation, from “click” to “close.”

We have been using AmpStats for a little over two years and it has prove to be an invaluable resource in our recruiting efforts. Our people that lead branches can set goals, track their results, and follow-up with candidates on a timely basis.

Peter Scarcello
Regional VP Hunt Real Estate, Buffalo Region

Improve your bottom line through proactive agent recruiting and retention with AmpStats.