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Real Estate Teams Get What They Deserve

Teams just scored the most sophisticated solution ever created thanks to the latest release by the newly combined Inside Real Estate and BoomTown teams.

August 30, 2023
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There are Real Estate Teams, and there are top-performing Real Estate Teams. The latter evolve along with consumer expectations. They leverage technology partners to strip away inefficiencies in their daily work, give them the power and functionality to run their business the way they need to, and empower them to grow in any market. BoomTown and Inside Real Estate have long been innovating, and offering solutions that drive teams forward, and they’ve combined their strengths, aligned their teams, and are delivering a complete solution to take top-performing teams even further. 

Introducing, BoomTownPRO (btPRO): A First-of-its-Kind Solution Tailored to Real Estate Teams

This packaging brings the powerful kvCORE Platform technology together with team-centric product and service-level enhancements that allow top producers to operate their business at the highest level. 

“btPRO is the solution that I’ve always needed and wanted for my business. As the leader and owner of a ‘Team’ brokerage, I’m responsible for driving the success of every single agent at Taggert Real Estate by providing them with the tools, coaching, and skills they need to reach their goals. btPRO provides accountability reporting and team-centric features that enable me to be proactive with my agents and ultimately, my business growth, by providing tech that supports my unique processes and connects me with the best experts from within the company and within the community!”
– Suzie Taggart, Associate Broker & Co-Owner of Taggert Real Estate brokered by eXp Realty

What do real estate teams really need? 

Tailored Technology

A powerful CRM is important, but it isn’t enough on its own for top-producing teams. We’ve paired the kvCORE platform with the tools and features that help teams thrive. Tools like…

  • A next-generation CMA and presentation builder that helps agents win the listing, win the offer, and wow clients every time.
  • A listing marketing suite that automates the creation of elite-level marketing materials making it easier than ever to promote listings, impress sellers and attract new buyers. 
  • A first-of-its-kind homeownership solution to put real estate brokerages and their agents at the center of the coveted lifetime consumer relationship.
  • Even More, Coming Soon!: Team Accountability Reporting, Individual Agent Smart Numbers, Lead Assignment Models

Collaborative Community

Tools & technology are powerful but we know that real estate is a people industry. 

Often the most impactful strategies and processes come from networking, coaching, and masterminding. btPRO offers exclusive access to a rich and vibrant community of professional teams, coaches, and industry experts who drive real results every day with their tech and their teams.

Team-specific Service

Support service is a critical, and often overlooked, pillar of a high-performing team. Now you may be thinking, “Plenty of franchises and brokerages offer training and professional development.” Well, btPRO goes deeper than that. In addition to the world-class PRO Service Desk, btPRO provides team-specific strategic best practices, technical support, coaching, and an invaluable community. 

“This is the first of many, many post-BoomTown acquisition wins for the market. Teams are a unique and integral part of the growing real estate industry and are optimized for production and agent growth. With btPRO, we will enable teams to realize that optimization faster and drive even more production.” – Joe Skousen, CEO of Inside Real Estate. 

The real estate team brings together the best of the best – empowering unique team members with complementary skills. They’re better together. And that’s exactly why we built btPRO. Uniting the best of the best technology and services to better serve you. 

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Why kvCORE?

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Why kvCORE?

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