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A best-in-class tech stack starting with kvCORE Gives the 3600+ agents at Samson Properties the tools they need to succeed

For Donny Samson, CEO of Samson Properties, kvCORE has been a game-changer. He wanted the best tool out there — and he wanted to offer it company-wide for free. He tells his agents, “I can't hit the home run for you, but I can give you as many times as bat as possible.” Here’s why Samson and his agents love kvCORE.

The excitement over CORE Present is palpable across The Keyes Company’s footprint and here’s why

​​If an agent can’t show sellers instant data and instant numbers, they won’t get the listing. That’s why CORE Present is changing the way Keyes agents win deals and CMO Paula Renaldo is a huge fan.

Two Industry Leaders Team Up on 'A Journey to Tech Perfection'

REAL Trends and Inside Real Estate set out to answer an age-old problem for brokerages: How do you get agents to use the wonderful products and services that you offer? Many times, the technology is complicated, or the agents don’t want to invest the time into learning a new program. However, much of the time it’s due to a lack of management support, few training opportunities, and a dearth of incentives for sales associates to commit to your brokerage tech platform.

Building a Brokerage With Leads

Chris and Leigh Russell started Plum Tree Realty from scratch about seven-and-a-half years ago. After taking took some time to define what “being the best” meant for their firm and researching the many lead generation programs out there, they chose a platform they felt was "the best technology available." Now, from lead generation to recruiting, Russell has built his brokerage around the value proposition of getting leads to his agents.