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Making websites faster, more powerful, and more customized than ever before

Understanding feedback from our customers was key to our Spring ‘21 Release, so we're bringing you a supercharged user experience, plus innovative new features to power consumer-facing kvCORE websites.

April 8, 2021
Saralynn White
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We love driving results. That’s why we build products focused on intelligence, simplicity, and automation. The year of the pandemic proved how truly resilient real estate professionals are, and Inside Real Estate knows our success comes from the success of our customers. So, for our highly anticipated Spring ‘21 Release, we listened to customers using our flagship platform, kvCORE, and raised the bar. The results? A supercharged user experience and innovative new features that power kvCORE’s consumer-facing websites. 

“Our job is to learn from clients, so this latest release is a result of diving deep into what’s driving proven results for our clients and building on that,” says Nick Macey, President of CORE Division at Inside Real Estate. “These new product enhancements make it easier for clients to achieve their goals faster than ever before.”

kvCORE websites now give you and your agents:

  • A sleek, portal-like home search experience for your customers
  • Faster search + the ability to search by geographic areas
  • Intelligent behavior tracking and nurturing, so customers stay searching with you 
  • Speedy load times across our footprint of 600+ MLSs
  • New homepage layouts, custom colors, and imagery that ensures you stand out from the crowd

A Portal-Like & Faster Search Experience

A clean, modern interface with powerful search filters gives your visitors an incredible experience that keeps them coming back to your website. No more leaving to put customers on clunky MLS search alert! kvCORE websites can search across nearly every MLS field, including those hard-to-handle features like “Fixer Upper.” Plus, keyword search lets you get hyper granular. Want a black-bottom pool? You can search for that. There’s also a universal search bar that allows potential clients to search by city, area, neighborhood, zip, school district, or MLS number. The best part is it all takes place on YOUR branded website. 

We’ve also enhanced the search experience, giving your website visitors a modern layout and features that are in line with today’s top portals. Our enhancements include a clean, intuitive map-based search with geo-based property data, rich lifestyle data add-ons like Local Logic, DriveTime scores, and more. To make searches even more tailored and accurate, we’ve added geographic boundary data to school districts, cities, areas, and neighborhoods. This data honors the exact latitude/longitude of the listing, ensuring it’s displayed correctly even if the MLS provided area isn’t exactly correct.

Speedy Load Times

Inside Real Estate operates about 250,000 websites for brokerages, agents, and teams. One big area of focus for kvCORE was making websites faster – from new listings being added to loading search results quickly for your leads. We work with 600 MLSs, covering nearly 99% of all listings across the US, and we’re always working to improve the speed of how we interact with them. So, we added meaningful speed improvements that ensure pages load faster.

Intelligent Behavior Tracking

Now that you have website visitors, do you know what clients and potential clients are doing there? kvCORE sites track their behavior even before you capture them as leads. We analyze a consumer’s every move starting with their very first visit. We use that data to serve up a more relevant search experience that keeps them coming back. We even run image recognition across every photo in the MLS so that the homes people view on your site match their search.

New Homepage Layouts, Custom Colors, and Imagery that Ensures you Stand Out

As part of ongoing enhancements for kvCORE’s IDX websites, we've added a variety of new website layouts, custom coloring, and ‘Call to Action’ widget options. Plus, we’ve made significant improvements to Area Pages.

Website layouts and templates were moved to the top of the page for ease of access, while free-form widgets allow you to select various templates, including standard, modern, side-by-side, and luxury template page positions. The new color picker allows users to choose from a predefined list of colors or select “Custom” and set the hex code of the color they want to use, so branding is simple. Proving you specialize in a geographic area is critical for differentiation, so we also updated Area Pages. Now, it’s simple to display area-specific information that helps site visitors see you as a geographic expert -- and drives lead generation. You’ll find a short seven-minute training video here.

Website Customization

We’ve also been working on an in-house custom website offering in conjunction with our WordPress plugin. New infrastructure testing has shown phenomenal results! We’re leveraging best practices for website SEO, and the main goal is to improve your site visitors’ journey.

Additional kvCORE features launched in the Spring ‘21 Release included improved CRM design and performance, plus two brand-new features: Pond Accounts and Playbooks. We announced all of the latest updates in our March 18 webinar (you can read a recap here), and we’ll be sharing a lot more detail right here. Watch this space.

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Why kvCORE?

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Why kvCORE?

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