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A Recap of Inside Real Estate’s Live March 18th Webinar, Including the Highly-Anticipated Spring '21 Release of kvCORE

March 19, 2021
Inside Real Estate Team
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Presenters for the webinar included Joe Skousen, CORE Division CEO; Nick Macey, CORE Division President; Alissa Harper, Executive VP of Marketing & Enterprise Sales; Shaun Rosemann, Executive VP of Customer Success; Ken Katschke, Senior VP of Product; and Karen Abram, Product Director. 

We promised to reveal some of the big moves we’re making to fuel your real estate business, and we delivered them in a big way. Here’s a detailed recap of our Inside Real Estate Webinar – kvCORE Spring ‘21 Release – on March 18th, 2021. 

Out of the gate, Joe Skousen, CORE Division CEO, introduced webinar attendees to a few ways Inside Real Estate, along with the rest of the real estate and tech industry, conquered the year 2020. Inside Real Estate’s dedication to being the strongest technology partner in residential real estate is reflected in user growth of 50k users in 2016 to over 250k users today. 

Joe reflected on the historical year we all faced in 2020. “The thing that stands out the most is how resilient our industry is. I was so impressed with the brokers, agents, and individuals who rapidly adjusted and embraced that new virtual world of real estate.” Inside Real Estate saw 2020 as an opportunity to really prove what we promise about being a tech partner. We launched a customer empowerment program and a 2-month long virtual training summit that reached over 50k viewers. We really saw tech adoption soar – both on the agent side and the consumer side. 

 “We’re your technology partner. We’re here to fuel your profitability, so your problems become our problems. That’s our commitment to you.” - Joe Skousen, CEO, CORE Division

Despite the crazy year, we continued to double-down on innovation. We invested over $200M in robust, innovative solutions for the industry, including some key product enhancements, website addons, CORE Video powered by BombBomb (which has gotten a ton of use), CORE Voicemail, and more.

We grew our product and customer success teams. To top it off, we were fortunate to put a deal together with Karen Abrams and the dashCMA team to bring the hottest CMA and pricing presentation tool into the Inside Real Estate family. 

All of this will continue to lead us in the direction we’ve been tracking for years. As we venture farther into 2021, we’ve fully embraced the same guiding principles and we’re excited to share those now.


Nick Macey CORE Division President, and Ken Katschke, Sr. VP of Product,  laid out an impressive review of the Spring ’21 Release of our flagship platform, kvCORE. 

kvCORE is designed to drive results at scale – at the individual agent and team level – with intelligence, simplicity, and automation. So, the tech is working for you rather than you working for the tech.

Understanding feedback from our customers was key to the Spring ‘21 Release. How do we help you be even more successful? There are four areas of the release: website enhancements, CRM design & performance enhancements, playbooks, and pond accounts. 

WEBSITE ENHANCEMENTS: Data & Speed Updates + More Customization

We work with 600 MLSs and we’re always working to improve the speed of how we interact with every MLS. We’ve had meaningful speed improvements and we’ve made the sites more powerful. We’ve also focused on the customization of web pages for improved speed, accessibility, best practices, and results. Here’s what we’re rolling out now:

  • Load times across 600+ MLSs, search bar loading, and geographic area updates that are FASTER. Plus, you get overall site load improvement.  
  • New homepage layouts and custom colors, new background images, and area page improvements are more POWERFUL.

CRM DESIGN & PERFORMANCE: A Fast, Refreshed CRM Experience

As part of the release, we’ve also made significant improvements to the design and performance of the kvCORE CRM. kvCORE drives a lot of activity driving business every day, so it’s important for it to be lightning fast. Our goal is to minimize the time agents spend in front of the computer and maximize the time they spend face-to-face with their customers. 

  • A powerful new dashboard with updated and simplified and consolidated navigation.
  • A refreshed CRM performance experience that loads 10x FASTER and allows for quick moves from page to page.
  • An updated contact details screen that is MORE INTUITIVE and puts all contact info into the right places.
  • Rapid access to all kvCORE tools from more POWERFUL and improved navigation.  

PLAYBOOKS: Leverage all the tools of kvCORE to accelerate your business from one quick location.

The next announcement came with a dramatic drumroll. To demonstrate how Inside Real Estate has doubled-down on ease of use and automation, Alissa Harper described what playbooks from Inside Real Estate are a game-changer.

A first of its kind in real estate tech, our playbooks combine kvCORE’s most powerful features, curated into a streamlined, automated flow to help users achieve top business results. With one-click from their dashboard, users can now initiate Playbooks like “Promote a Listing'' which combine the highest impact kvCORE features plus best practices of top users in a simple wizard-like experience.

We’ll be launching the first Promote a Listing Playbook this spring, with others to follow shortly, including Run an Open House, Power-Up My Sphere, Get Repeat & Referral Business, and Build a Lead Funnel. Scroll to the bottom to get a copy of our free Guide to playbook technology in kvCORE.

“It’s like giving them the keys to a Ferrari and making sure they can drive it at max speed.” - Alissa Harper, EVP of Marketing & Ent. Sales

POND ACCOUNTS: Teams or groups of agents can now nurture a pool of contacts while leveraging the power of kvCORE behavioral automation.

Pond Accounts were up next in an energetic explanation by Ken Katschke. Pond Accounts in kvCORE now allow groups of agents to work contacts from a shared “pond” of leads. Contacts can be added manually or routed into ponds. Agents work contacts that suit them best and can claim them into their unique content. Behavioral automation and campaigns ensure contacts never go stale. And analytics provide clear visibility on pond activity and agent accountability.

CORE PRESENT: The Industry’s Best CMA Tool Just Became a Powerful Presentation Builder

Inside Real Estate has levered dashCMA to create the most modern, interactive pricing visualization and so much more. Karen Abrams, the founder of dashCMA and Product Manager, explained CORE Present brings expanded capabilities to telling a compelling story to both buyers and sellers. You create stunning presentations digitally or via print, plus CORE Present offers bull brokerage branding for customizable presentations tailored to each audience. Built right into kvCORE, CORE Present also includes robust engagement tracking to drive action – and help close the deal.

 “It’s so simple and so usable, but it’s intelligent, too. Every interaction is being tracked.” - Karen Abram, Product Manager

NOSY NEIGHBOR: One Solution to Dominate your Local Market

Get exclusive access to all the prospects in your area of expertise with NosyNeighbor and own the local market. Available only as an add-on to kvCORE users, NosyNeighbor helps you own the local market by defining an exclusive area along with likely sellers in that area. It then sends print and digital marketing automatically and tells you who to call and when to call them. In short, it ensures you win more local listings. Period.

“It speaks to the excitement that’s inherent in all people to see what’s going on in their neighborhood.” - Shaun Rosemann, EVP of Customer Success

HOME OWNERSHIP PLATFORM from Inside Real Estate: The technology and services that empower you to build customers for life

Perhaps the biggest came at the webinar’s finale with the announcement by Joe Skousen of Inside Real Estate’s Home Ownership Platform. Why a Home Ownership Platform?

The real estate landscape is changing rapidly. If you can seamlessly deliver value across the entire homeownership lifecycle, you'll win. Here’s what to look forward to from our new Home Ownership Platform coming soon:

  • The modern experience consumers demand. A superior consumer experience spanning full homeownership lifecycle from the current home to search and next home through transactions and beyond.
  • Built to create long-term relationships. Consumers directly connect with an agent’s expertise to build value and trust for life.
  • Branded to your brokerage and the agent. Consumer ties value back to your brand online and via a native mobile app.  
  • Best practices, not customization. We leverage best practices and insights for consumer engagement.
  • Where you work, today. Tightly integrated with kvCORE, we’ll leverage our current capabilities to go faster.
“Consumers want a more seamless experience across every part of their life, and that includes the whole lifecycle of homeownership.” - Nick Macey, President, CORE Division


As you can see, Inside Real Estate is doubling-down on principles that have powered our product strategy for years – ease of use, automation, customization, and ROI. We’re driving results for top agents, teams, and brokers with intelligence, simplicity, and automation.  


To find out how tech-enabled playbooks will be a game-changer for your business, get your free copy of our new “Playbooks Meet Real Estate Tech” here:  

Grab Your Copy

*Current kvCORE Customers: You can preview the new design and performance enhancements in kvCORE now. If you want to know more about any of the webinar details, contact your Account Manager (AMTeam@InsideRealEstate.com). Watch for Playbooks, Pond Accounts, NosyNeighbor, and CORE Present coming in Spring 2021.

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Why kvCORE?

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Suspendisse varius enim in eros elementum tristique. Duis cursus, mi quis viverra ornare, eros dolor interdum nulla, ut commodo diam libero vitae erat.

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