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The excitement over CORE Present is palpable across The Keyes Company’s footprint and here’s why

​​If an agent can’t show sellers instant data and instant numbers, they won’t get the listing. That’s why CORE Present is changing the way Keyes agents win deals and CMO Paula Renaldo is a huge fan.

August 11, 2021
Saralynn White
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In a market where competition is fierce, it’s critical for brokerages, agents, and teams to stand head and shoulders above their competition. That’s why Paula Renaldo, CMO of The Keyes Company – which has 50 offices, four brands, 3,600 agents, and recorded 8.3 billion in real estate sales and services last year – was thrilled to offer CORE Present across The Keyes Company footprint. 

We caught up with Renaldo at a recent Facebook Live event hosted by Travis Saxton, SVP of Technology Consulting at T3 Sixty, and Renaldo talked at length about the power of using CORE Present and kvCORE across her brokerage. 

“Technology and marketing are part of everything we are at Keyes,” says Renaldo. “Tech and marketing work hand-in-hand to help everyone – not just our agents and teams, but also our consumers. We’ve grown exponentially in the 13 years I’ve been here thanks to a great IT team, our marketing team, and kvCORE Platform.

When CORE Present was launched, Renaldo says there were two big reasons she was excited. “First, I know the folks at Inside Real Estate, so I knew they’d package it well for Keyes associates; a package the company could easily promote. And second, I knew I could tell all of our teams and agents that we were adding to their existing platform, instead of telling them we’re handing them another tool or another vendor. That flips the conversation that you have with your associates.”

Wow, was she right. Within minutes of the announcement, leaders at the Keyes Company were getting emails from teams and agents saying, “I’m ready to use it!” or “How do I get it for my next listing?” Still, others asked for training right away. “That’s unheard of,” says Renaldo.” The excitement is palpable across our entire footprint.”

The integration of a fully interactive CMA and presentation tool into kvCORE is a huge driver of adoption, and now CORE Present is revolutionizing how Keyes agents and teams are creating CMAs and presentations.

“The days of walking into a listing presentation with a static printed presentation are done,” says Renaldo. “Things are moving so quickly and so aggressively that if an agent can’t show instant data and instant numbers to sellers, they won’t get the listing because sellers think they don’t have the expertise.” Most CMAs and presentation tools aren’t flexible or accurate enough to win the listing or seal the deal, but Renaldo says the integrity of data and the flexibility of CORE Present have changed that.

Here are 8 the top reasons CORE Present is a powerful tool, according to Renaldo:

  1. It integrated easily into the existing Keyes tech ecosystem, which is a combination of Inside Real Estate, kvCORE, and Keyes IT.
  2. It’s super simple to use.
  3. The dynamic pricing built into CORE Present is significant because potential sellers and buyers want more details.
  4. It’s much easier to be flexible because the data is accurate, reliable, and effective.
  5. It provides instant access to information.
  6. Agents create a CMA in 5 minutes and walk out the door.
  7. It converts files to whatever format agents use – online or print.
  8. It lets them simply and easily cobrand for agents, including teams and agents with brands within the Keyes brand.

For brokerages like Keyes, another huge benefit is the ability to monitor what you manage. Leaders can track every presentation in CORE Present, including the results. Brokerages can see why an agent didn’t win a listing and help them make adjustments that seal future deals. 

“I love having the ability to track!” says Renaldo. “We can see how many agents are creating presentations, how many customers are clicking on presentations, and what pages are people sticking to most. Being able to use that knowledge and those numbers to figure out how to grow the usage? We’ve never had that in a CMA product.”

The Keyes Company needs technology that drives results and makes their agents and teams happy and productive – and can sell a client’s home. CORE Present + kvCORE provides one central platform to manage the entire buyer and seller lifecycle, and it’s revolutionizing the CMA and presentation experience. But don’t take our word for it. Check out this review by Victor Lund at RE Technology: Inside Real Estate launches another winner with CORE Present or dig into more details about CORE Present on the product page.

CORE Present is available exclusively to kvCORE platform users. Don’t have kvCORE yet? Click the button below to grab a demo

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Why kvCORE?

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