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Real Estate Lead Generation for Brokers: Data-Driven Lead Conversion

The effectiveness of real estate lead generation programs for brokers and teams is 100% reliant on how they track and report to drive higher conversion rates. The Inside Real Estate team focuses on bringing the data and tips together that really allow you to maximize your team’s effectiveness on conversion. Here are the top 3 factors in improving real estate lead conversion.

Top 5 Profit-Drivers of an Automated Real Estate CRM

In real estate, the million-dollar question is, ‘How do I make more money?’ The easy answer: close more deals. Unfortunately, it’s not always as easy as it sounds, otherwise, we’d all be rolling in the dough. By automating some of your most important and time-consuming processes, you can become more effective in cultivating leads, keeping in touch with clients, and managing your active listings. So, what does your brokerage automated look like? Here are a few ways that a real estate CRM can automate your marketing and team activities to help you work smarter and become more profitable.

Real Estate Lead Nurturing: Understanding the Home Buyer’s Journey

In a perfect world, the process of guiding a potential client through a new home purchase goes something like this: You capture a real estate lead through your website or a referral, you make contact with them within 5 minutes, and you qualify them as an opportunity. You set up a few showings and within 30 days you have something under contract. Unfortunately, it’s usually not that fluid. Here are the different stages of a real estate lead lifecycle and what you should know about nurturing leads at the right time and in the right way to maximize your pipeline ROI.

3 Essential Tools That Will 10X Your Real Estate Marketing

Spraying your message high and wide does not breed online marketing success; rather, standout results emerge when you pair smart, strategic decisions with the right tools. The software you use to help you do this is critical. Here are 3 essential components your software platform must have to drive more leads, dramatically increase your conversion rates and accelerate your marketing success.

5 Keys to Winning at Lead-Gen as a Brokerage

Running a cost-effective lead-generation program is as difficult as anything else brokers will do. Follow these five lead-gen strategies to maximize deal flow and increase ROI for your in-house lead generation program.

3 Ways AI Can Help You Close a Deal

There’s a big misconception around what artificial intelligence (AI) really is and how it can impact your real estate business. To make matters more confusing, many of today’s real estate software platforms have latched onto the term but fail to explain what’s really behind the curtain. So what is AI, exactly?

Building a Brokerage With Leads

Chris and Leigh Russell started Plum Tree Realty from scratch about seven-and-a-half years ago. After taking took some time to define what “being the best” meant for their firm and researching the many lead generation programs out there, they chose a platform they felt was "the best technology available." Now, from lead generation to recruiting, Russell has built his brokerage around the value proposition of getting leads to his agents.