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What REO Did to Your Real Estate Online Marketing Ability

December 1, 2020
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Change Your Real Estate Online Marketing Strategy

So, you did some (or lots) of REO, Foreclosures and Short Sales - or maybe now you are moving quickly into the Short Sale scene.  Well, first off, good for you - you know how to watch the trends.  Secondly, your online marketing probably stinks.We're not trying to pick a fight, we are just going off what we have seen from about 85% of the brokers that come to Inside Real Estate.  The truth is, REO came at a much-needed time, and there are still a good number of brokers doing well with it.  Hopefully you have also seen that it can really murder your marketing presence and your marketing equity.  Let me give you 3 reasons why this ought to scare you a bit, and why you ought to change that.

3 Reasons Your Real Estate Online Marketing Needs to Catch-Up

1. REO/Short Sales/[Fill in the Next Trend] will pass - so where's your baseline?

This is a given that the trends, whatever they are will always change, but the big question for anyone that spots and follows the trends, is where is your baseline, how much does it drive for you, and how confident are you that it will be there each month/year?  For Real Estate Online Marketing, the game is about establishing the presence and driving the results - consistently.One of the worst parts of the changing market for a lot of REO Brokers, is that they don't have much marketing, branding or presence going on.  This is something that needs to change, so that no matter what the market looks like, you know that you have online presence, leads and social visibility that allows you to be as flexible as the market demands.

2. You Can Match Industry Trends Quickly with Higher ROI

This also actually allows you to take advantage of the trends in the market MORE QUICKLY.  If you have a strong online presence, good search position, and social visibility, how easy is it to launch a campaign about renting or short sales?  You can do it and see results in the first month - WOW!ROI is a tricky little thing because you really have to watch that instead of focusing too much on the topline number.  ROI, or Profit, is the trick to living your life the way you want to.  And the trick to getting Profit and ROI is simply by having equity in the marketing efforts that you put out there, and automating the processes that help you close the deals.Sound Easy?  Well, it actually can be when you are setup the right way.  Our goal with every client is to help take them from where they are at, and move them toward the goal of Smart Automation together with predictable marketing results.  Specifically, Real Estate Leads, Real Estate Search Presence and Real Estate Online Marketing Power is what we are after!  It is worth the effort to change things up a bit now if you can realize benefits month after month and year after year in more take-home profit and time.

3.  This is Real Equity in Your Business

Do you ever wonder what you are going to do when you get a little tired of pounding the pavement or the desk as hard as you do today?  Well, whether you aspire to grow your company to let someone else take over at some point, or just let it run itself a little more; there is really no way for you to do either if everything depends on you all the time.You really have to have real estate online marketing equity and strength built into the business.  This is more than having some company manage your PPC so you can pull some leads each month.  This is more than paying Trulia/Zillow/Homes/Realtor.com, etc for featured placement.  You need to know that you have marketing that stands by itself and can drive results.  You need to know your brand is powerful in your market.In addition to the marketing equity, you need equity in your back-office, processes and daily business methods.  So, if you don't have your stuff together now - how do you get there.  Where do you see average response time on leads?  Which report shows you exactly how many contingencies you have outstanding on listings, and who is accountable.  You need to be able to pull these stats any minute of any day.If you have read to this point, we've probably struck a chord with you.  If your business isn't driving the marketing equity and business automation, it may be due to the fact that you do much of this yourself, or your assistant is over-worked.  The trick is finding more than a solution - it is finding a solution with a team that knows how to help you get to where you need to be from where you are today.

If we can help, give us a call: 800-656-1646 , visit the Pricing Page or use the forms on the site for a free Demo and Marketing Review.

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