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‘Like’ It or Leave It: 8 Types of Facebook Posts for Real Estate Agents

December 1, 2020
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With nearly every real estate transaction starting with some type of online search, both real estate agents and home buyers/sellers all rely heavily on the Internet when it comes to the life-cycle of a real estate transaction. In order for you to connect with home buyers and sellers, you need to be present on the platforms where they are searching, including social media.More than 84% of all real estate professionals use social media, with Facebook being their preferred network. There’s a reason for that -- that’s where their clients are.Sharing top-notch content on Facebook can be a real estate agent’s secret weapon and can help you position yourself as a trustworthy real estate brand in your market. Adversely, it can damage your reputation depending on the type of content you post. It shouldn’t act as simply another forum for you to promote yourself without offering anything of value back to your audience.So, what should you post? Here are 8 types of posts to share on Facebook for real estate agents that will help position you as the go-to brand in your market.Client FeaturesNew homeowners are the best brand ambassadors. Share pictures of happy homeowners standing in front of their new home to show your appreciation for choosing you as their real estate agent. This also shows potential home buyers and sellers that you are invested in your clients and helps build trust.Blog PostsOne of the most important things you can do to get the most out of Facebook is to consistently post fresh, useful content on your Profile and/or Business Page. Allow your blog to syndicate out to Facebook and other social media seamlessly with optimized snippets and embedded media. This helps keep your social posts fresh and valuable and keeps you in front of your clients.VideosYou can’t always be with your customers in person, so do the next best thing and share video clips. Whether it’s a spotlight on a local listing or a walk-through of your office, video is one of the best ways to engage your fans on social media. More good news: 73% of homeowners prefer realtors who promote their offerings through video.New ListingsPhotos are key to engagement on social media, and eye-catching home photos including property details is a smart way to excite customers with home ownership on the mind. Even better than a static image is a gallery of high-quality, professional images of your properties that showcase best features.Market ConditionsWhat better way to establish yourself as a knowledgeable real estate agent than to share the latest information about the local market? Your audience will appreciate the insight and will be encouraged to turn to you when they are ready to list or make the leap into home ownership.IncentivesOffer your buyers a small congratulatory closing gift (and be creative!) for referring a family member or friend. Referrals from past clients may not guarantee you seller leads, but this is a great way to open that channel with minimal effort.Open House AnnouncementsFacebook is a great way to promote an upcoming open house, and you can sweeten the deal by offering something to nibble or imbibe on. Encourage your fans to share with friends and family who are in the market for a home in that location -- it’s a great way to spread the word and gain the attention of prospective clients.Limit the Self-PromotionsWhen it comes to Facebook and other social media platforms, it’s important to remember to avoid being overly promotional. It’s a turn-off for potential home buyers and sellers and they will likely move on to a real estate agent who is more focused on their needs and offering them something of real value.Real Estate Pro Tip: Use New Facebook Ad Filters to Expand Your ReachFacebook has expanded the number of filters real estate agents can use to target ads at potential clients. You can now put your ads in front of clients based on their home size, home age, property size, and even more sophisticated filters relating to where they live and travel. These new demographic changes are great for real estate lead generation, so take advantage of them!Buying or selling a home is a huge life decision, meaning your prospective customers want to work with real estate agents they can trust. Share original or curated content on Facebook that is meant to inspire, inform or motivate. The right Facebook content can boost engagement and awareness for your brand and generate higher-quality real estate leads. Most real estate agents are under-investing in this lead generation technique, so use social media tools and automation to your advantage!

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