Real estate’s hottest CMA solution ensures you win more listings, win more accepted offers, and most importantly, win your client’s trust.

Never Lose a Deal Over Pricing

dashCMA is an award-winning pricing tool that helps real estate agents facilitate the most effective & compelling pricing discussions with buyers and sellers - ensuring you never lose a deal because of pricing. With dashCMA agents can demonstrate their pricing strategy in a modern, interactive dashboard that takes just minutes to create.

Key Benefits of dashCMA
Real Estate Listing Presentation

Clean & Modern, Interactive Dashboard

Ditch the outdated, stale real estate CMAs with 60+ pages of boring PDF content. In just minutes, dashCMA creates an engaging, interactive dashboard to review with your clients.  Engaging pricing visualizations are conversational and easy to understand so you can effectively convey your pricing strategy while earning your clients trust.

A Simple, Big Picture Pricing View

No more having to run multiple reports and present a dozen different pages. dashCMA’s big picture pricing view combines over 20 pricing perspectives into one simple dashboard. See the right comps and dig into the trends that matter all in one complete view.

Make Changes In Real Time

Every aspect of dashCMA is interactive and dynamic, so you can dig into the report with your clients and easily modify comps on the fly. 

Showcase Specific Features

Want to quickly see the impact specific features, like a pool or a great view, have on pricing? It’s as simple as checking a box.

Flag Specific Comps

dashCMA keeps your pricing discussion focused and on track by flagging specific properties. Is the home across the street too large to truly be considered a comp? Flag it to show clients you’ve evaluated every scenario.

Address the “Zestimate”

Choose to display or hide 3rd party pricing estimates like the “Zestimate” so you can proactively discuss their relevance and drive the homeowner to a more informed decision.

Incorporate Feedback

Easily add-in feedback from influential friends and family members to the pricing view. Does Aunt Linda feel the homeowner should only list for over $1M? Show how that price point stacks up with the rest of your data.

Share the CMA Interactively

Sure you can print a branded PDF, but where dashCMA really shines is the ability to send an interactive CMA link. Impress clients with a modern interface they can review quickly or drill into for more information.

Track Engagement

Know exactly how and when to follow up thanks to dashCMA’s robust client tracking. See when a client’s reviewed your report and know exactly what elements they dug into. Did they focus their time looking at just one specific comp? Were they more concerned with the average time to sell? Let their interests guide your next discussion so you can overcome their objections and win the deal.

Awarded Top 10 Tech Product in 2019

"The user experience is a sure winner."

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