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5 Real Estate Content Marketing Ideas (Plus a Bonus Blogging Tip)

December 1, 2020
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Real Estate Marketing and lead generation can be a tough sport.  No wonder we have a hard time sometimes in getting people to like, comment, share our marketing - so often, we forget the core of what our marketing needs to be about.  In a rush for SEO, SEM, Leads and the like, we forget that real value draws a real return.  So how do you make sure you are getting all of the Content setup just the right way and pushing it out?Well, here are 5 Content Ideas for your Real Estate Marketing efforts that can drive some Real Results:

1. Market Data & Statistics

Note that you can always find information about your market.  This can be very helpful for clients and potential clients that are looking for the smart real estate agent to work with.  When you are looking for Real Estate Leads, make sure that you look to provide value to potential Real Estate Leads.  Using recent trends from around your area along with targeting specific locations is a valuable way to get attention to your site and social media.

2. School & Community Information

With school and community information, try to make it applicable and actionable.  There is the data itself, then there is the data combined with actionable real estate information - like, for example, showing some community parks or highlights, and the surrounding neighborhood that has some homes for sale. Interesting for all, but actionable for the home buyers.

3. Listings

Marketing your real estate listings is a great way to get more attention to them, but also a great way to show sellers that you know how to market listings.  So, in order to get some attention to not only your current inventory, but to the WAY you do your real estate marketing, try highlighting unique and interesting things about those listings, and use fabulous images, for heaven sake!

4. Local Diggs

One thing people are always looking for are great local dining or entertainment hot-spots.  If you know about those, then you're cool - right?  And everyone likes working with someone who is cool.  So don't go trying too hard, but just find what is interesting and cool in your area, and work up a feature post about that.  Make sure that your blog post goes out to your Social Media outlets as well to get maximum exposure.

5. Business Feature

Not only can you feature local entertainment and and food, but you can also feature fellow businesses.  This takes a little bit of consideration on which businesses to feature.  You can feature someone that doesn't have much online presence, but has a great referral base.  You could also feature someone that DOES have a great internet and online presence, and they can link back to you (Bonus!).  Be careful about featuring a desperate business, or someone who is not likely to reflect well on you - this can work negatively for your brand.

6. Bonus Tip (for Inside Real Estate Users)

Everyone is looking for ways to market listings, and demonstrate tot potential sellers how well they market listings.  One proprietary feature of Inside Real Estate is our Blog-2-Listing functionality that allows you to not only feature a listing, but attach unlimited blog posts, videos and other rich content to a Listing.  Attach posts to listings to highlight listings and get the search engines to rank those listings better and faster.  Not only does it help get you more  leads and business, but helps you demonstrate your Real Estate Marketing Prowess to more potential ClientsREMEMBER, if you don't know how to do this yourself, our marketing team can do this for you, and help you maximize your time, while gaining great exposure.  Call us at 800-656-1646

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