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Why your current CMA isn’t helping you seal the deal

CORE Present is the next-generation CMA and Presentation builder that empowers brokers and agents to tell a compelling story that wins listings and deals.

April 22, 2021
Karen Abram
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To say the housing market is hyper-competitive right now is like saying the pandemic was just a little bug. If you’ve been following the series from Inman on the current supply shortage, you know it’s insanity! Real Estate Agents are exhausted after writing dozens of offers and doing endless showings. Homeowners (their clients) are disheartened after losing countless bidding wars. And everyone’s getting wildly creative to earn the listing or get the sale, including homebuyers. There was a bonafide fistfight recently between buyers in New Jersey!

Everyone knows it’s a seller’s market, so why aren’t more sellers listing now?

Some homeowners simply like where they are and don’t want or need to move. Others aren’t selling because they’re afraid they won’t find another home. We could write a whole article on the topic, but what it all amounts to is escalating prices and bidding wars on properties selling faster than most real estate pros have ever seen. That doesn’t mean you don’t need more listings. So, how do you generate more of them NOW?

Stop using that outdated CMA 

Admit it. You’ve gone into a pricing presentation with a stack of papers full of data your customers don’t understand or care to read. Your presentation isn’t structured to show clients the data they think is most important (that’s on page 76), and it doesn’t align with their aesthetic. Also, you’re trying to prove you’re the expert and you want your brand to shine, but there’s barely room for a brokerage logo, let alone the ability to customize your brand colors and add team logos and awards to ensure you stand out. 

Do you know what you’re missing or what it costs you? You need a modern, intuitive CMA and presentation builder that gives you:

  • Big-picture pricing in a single view
  • An interactive, conversational dashboard 
  • Fully branded digital and print presentations 
  • Details customized to your client’s persona
  • Real-time engagement tracking of your client’s behavior

You can have it all with CORE Present

The next-generation CMA and presentation builder, CORE Present, is built right into kvCORE. It enhances the robustness of the platform even as it helps you get inside the mind of prospective sellers and lead them to list with you in three steps:  

  1. Tell a compelling story with data 
  2. Address your seller’s unique situation
  3. Leverage behavioral insights of your clients so you know how and when to seal the deal 

Be a storytelling & selling virtuoso 

CORE Present lets agents interpret data based on your clients’ needs, so you tell a more compelling story that stands out. Work alongside buyers and sellers and give them a guided experience interactively from your office, living room, or wherever you are. Presentations are far more conversational and visually engaging. You can then send them to clients with an interactive link, share it in a portable document format (PDF), or simply print it out. Everything about CORE Present is dynamic, so you can dig into the report with your clients and easily modify comps on the fly, on any device. You showcase yourself as the expert and win the offer and the listing every time. 

Tailor content and designs to your customer

Is your client shopping for the right agent? Do they have a contingent sale, or are they on the fence about selling right now? CORE Present stands out in the market because it incorporates user persona options that capture the tone, aesthetic, and structure of your narrative. You deliver high-impact content customized to your buyer’s or seller’s unique situation. Beautiful designs are easily tailored to reflect their aesthetic, too. Is their style traditional, modern, or luxury? Match your presentation to your customer’s unique persona, and you prove you’re unique, too.

Track your clients’ activity in real-time

This is where CORE Present truly stands out: robust tracking lets you see what’s most important to your clients because it tracks their behavior. Did they spend more time looking at a specific comp? Were they more focused on the average time to sell? No other tool empowers agents to create a follow-up script that will get the deal done.

The beauty of CORE Present? It enhances the robustness of kvCORE, giving agents one place to manage the entire client life cycle. Using this single, intuitive tool, you can create an engaging CMA in under a minute or build a fully branded, customized presentation with real-time activity tracking. Storytelling with the right data is the most visible way to showcase your expertise and brand, and CORE Present lets you focus on price and presentation instead of adjustments. You give your clients the information they need, aesthetically and persuasively, to showcase you as the expert. You win the listing, win the deal, and wow clients every time. 

Ready to see CORE Present and kvCORE live in action? Grab a demo now.

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Why kvCORE?

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