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How do you get agents to adopt your technology? Try these 5 ideas

When it comes to getting your agents to use your tech what is it you really need? Here are five great value propositions

September 30, 2021
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Agent adoption. That’s what matters to brokerages when it comes to tech. But when it comes to getting your agents to use the technology (and capturing true value from your investment), what is it you need? We’ve narrowed the list to the five value propositions you need in a to achieve the highest success of agent adoption. Here’s the list in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

1. It’s Easy to Use

When a platform has a simple design and is easy to use, agents have more confidence in what they’re doing, and they’re more likely to use it – and even become fans. A smart solution doesn’t require hours upon hours of training. Your tech should help agents start seeing results without extra help. The best tech platforms give you default campaigns and settings with no significant setup required so agents can get right down to their real estate work without enduring (or complaining about) a steep learning curve. And the best tech partner gives you the perfect mix of user-friendly technology, plus stellar training and support.

2.  It goes wherever your agents go

No agent is tethered to a computer all day. For agents to want to use your tech, it's critical that your brokerage’s solution allows them to run their business on their mobile devices. Having a mobile app plus a desktop platform will definitely increase the use of your tech because it goes where they go. With the kvCORE Mobile App, it’s go-time for every agent. 

3. Customizable Marketing

Most people first look at properties online because it allows them to do their research before the buying process even begins. So, a solid online presence is crucial for every agent – not to mention your brand – but creating a website with consistent branding and marketing effectiveness can be tough. You need a platform that offers customizable websites, drip campaigns, landing page and squeeze page builders, and even ways to post to different social media sites. A platform that gives agents the tools they need to stay market-relevant every single day. 

4. Managing and Converting Leads

When your agents are juggling hundreds (or potentially thousands) of database leads, staying on top of details like birthdays, closing dates, anniversaries, and the name of a client’s spouse is hard to do. Your tech should be a powerful, single entity where agents store and track the big (and little) stuff. One that also sends reminders to agents and automated messages to clients, so work gets done even when agents aren't on the click. After all, they're not likely to win a client’s business if they’re not keeping clients engaged.

5. One Platform that Does it All 

You can be confident that potential clients aren’t always going right to an agent’s website. They’re searching the internet for homes and information, alright, but even if they do go to an agent’s site, they’re not likely to sign up for information immediately. What you need is an all-encompassing platform your agents can use to generate and manage leads. One that helps them easily create a unique website, landing pages, and provides multiple marketing avenues. Plus, it needs to integrate with others like Zillow, Realtor.com, Dotloop, Skyslope, and more. What makes a happy, productive agent? One tool, one log-in, one password to get everything done.

Do you know your tech can also make agents leave your brokerage? We recently sponsored an article from Inman News we know you’ll learn a few things from, too: 6 Tech Reasons Agents Leave Your Brokerage.

There may be other brokerage platforms out there, but only kvCORE is ranked #1 by verified real estate users, and it gives you what you need for agent adoption. Check out kvCORE for yourself. Grab a demo today.

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Why kvCORE?

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