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Turn your agents into raving fans with one simple trick: Help them make more money

December 9, 2019

Keeping your agents happy, productive and profitable is the best retention and recruiting tool you could own. Watch this exciting webinar with industry leaders who unveil what truly drove brokerage AND agent profitability this year, and how every brokerage can duplicate these results.

Find out what moves the needle for your agents and teams and quickly translates to higher retention and more profit for your brokerage. We’ll dive into three components that have proven over and over again to be the brokerage’s new “secret sauce”:

1. Consolidation of tech - reducing your overlap of too many point solutions creates efficiencies and dramatically cuts costs for you AND your agents

2. Independent lead channels - reducing your dependency on external lead sources cuts lead costs in half (or more) and let’s you and your agents drive your own growth

3. Behavioral automation - intelligently automating tasks for your agents will warm up their leads, create better consumer experiences, and give agents more face to face time with prospects - all leading to higher productivity

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