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REAL Trends + Inside Real Estate Release Study on 
Flawlessly Executing a New Tech Platform

Apr 19, 2019
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DENVER (February 12, 2019)

Today, REAL Trends Inc., in partnership with Inside Real Estate, released “A Journey to Technology Perfection,” an exclusive case study featuring The Keyes Company and their near flawless rollout of a technology platform that had record numbers of agent adoption.

REAL Trends and Inside Real Estate set out to answer an age-old problem for brokerages: Agent adoption with technology implementation. What the two companies found in the case study were four main pain points outlined by The Keyes Company and how they were determined to fix these setbacks.

“With the lead landscape changing, we needed to take control of our destiny away from the major portals,” says Keyes CEO Mike Pappas. “To do that, we needed a smart CRM to handle longer-term relationships with our clients and leads. Without being able to engage in the process using a tech platform actively, we were losing a lot of opportunities.”

The Keyes Company shares their technology journey by first identifying their pain points and then outlining a plan on how to address them. They knew that it was important to find a technology partner that was flexible to their needs and able to integrate with all their other tools. This, they believed, would increase agent adoption.

Technology implementation strategy is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It took The Keyes Company nearly nine months from the time they signed with kvCORE to the system running. With three brands and over 4,000 agents, it was important to The Keyes Company and to Inside Real Estate to manage the project effectively to increase agent adoption. What Keyes also solved was the agent adoption problem by offering a smooth, well-thought-out rollout of the platform. Within three months, about 90 percent of their agents had logged in to the system. “Our lead cost went from $100 to $150 per lead to under $10 per lead,” says Pappas.

To find out how they set their goals, determined pain points and organized a smooth rollout, download the case study, “A Journey to Tech Perfection,” for free at

“We had all the tools, but we weren’t setting it up in a way that the lead generation was what it should be. It was too difficult for agents to manage.”Wendi Iglesias, CIO of The Keyes Company


The Keyes Company was founded in 1926 by Ken Keyes during Florida’s early boom years. The South Florida firm survived the Great Miami hurricane of 1926 and the Great Depression and was sold to Ted Pappas in the 1960s. In 1992, Ted’s sons Mike and Tim Pappas bought the company. Mike serves as the chief executive officer, while Tim is senior vice president. Despite many acquisitions over the years, the company remains family-owned. They now have four different brands that they operate with 58 offices from the Homestead area up through Volusia County, Florida. They have a little over 3,500 sales associates.


Inside Real Estate is among the fastest-growing real estate software companies in the industry and serves over 140,000 agents, teams, and brokers throughout the U.S. and Canada. The company is the developer of the kvCORE Platform, the only comprehensive brokerage platform that singlehandedly serves the needs of the broker, office manager, team lead and agent. To cater to the unique needs of every business, 50+ deep integrations and vetted partner solutions are available to platform users through the Marketplace, the cloud-based integration center for Inside Real Estate. For standalone teams with brokerages not supported by kvCORE, the k+ TEAM Platform is available with features designed specifically for the team business model.


REAL Trends has been The Trusted Source for news, analysis and information about the residential real estate industry since 1987. We are a privately-held communications and consulting company based in Colorado. REAL Trends’ areas of expertise include operational analysis, valuations, merger and acquisition advisory services, consumer and business research and strategic planning. Residential real estate leaders find timely and trusted information and analysis through our yearly event—Gathering of Eagles—our monthly newsletter and other publications. Visit REAL Trends at

Why kvCORE?

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Why kvCORE?

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