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JPAR Expands Relationship with Inside Real Estate, Providing Powerful Automated Marketing Tools to Their Thousands of Agents

Nov 21, 2019
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JP & Associates REALTORS® (JPAR), the fastest growing 100% commission brokerage & franchise network in the country, has expanded its partnership with Inside Real Estate, providing their automated marketing solutions, CORE ListingMachine & Social to their growing network of agents nationwide. The automated marketing tools provide a powerful enhancement to JPAR’s existing technology, B.O.S.S.S (Broker One Stop Shop System) powered by Inside Real Estate’s flagship platform, kvCORE.

“We do believe that kvCORE is at the very core of our B.O.S.S.S. Platform, and that's helped us recruit thousands of agents across the network because in the end agents want tools that allow them to be more productive to sell more real estate, and very few platforms allow the productivity background like kvCORE,” said JP Piccinini, CEO of JPAR’s parent company Vesuvius Holdings. “We have no doubt that adding CORE ListingMachine and Social to this powerful platform will elevate our technology leadership and agent productivity even further."

JPAR’s implementation of CORE ListingMachine and Social will empower their agents & teams with a fully automated listing marketing solution that quickly creates attractive, comprehensive and effective marketing campaigns for every listing. This robust automation ensures every listing gets branded and marketed effectively on behalf of the agent, driving a higher volume of leads and eliminating the large amount of time and resources typically involved in creating listing marketing materials and campaigns.Key features of CORE ListingMachine and Social include:

Automation: Information and images from the MLS are automatically pushed into CORE ListingMachine to create a professional suite of listing marketing assets including listing flyers, customizable property sites, listing videos, and much more. Built-in communication tools ensure clients and prospects are always in the loop.

Lead Generation: Nine lead generators are built in to every property site, giving agents an expansive set of tools to capture and connect with website visitors. An innovative live chat feature gives agents real-time lead engagement by allowing them to immediately respond to messages from prospective buyers searching active listings on a property site - from any mobile device.

Social Marketing: CORE Social creates engaging and relevant content for agents to easily and consistently post on their social media channels, ensuring they stay top of mind and giving them the tools to generate more referral business.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with JPAR as they continue their strong leadership in the industry and provide best-in-class technology for their entire organization,” said Joe Skousen, President of Inside Real Estate. “By leveraging the unique offerings of CORE ListingMachine and CORE Social within their kvCORE Platform, they are able to quickly grow and support new markets with top technology solutions.”

About JP & Associates REALTORS®:

JP & Associates REALTORS® (JPAR) is known for their acclaimed culture revolving around productivity and service. It is no wonder JP & Associates REALTORS® has gone from the #1 independently and privately held brokerage in Texas to the fastest-growing 100% commission brokerage and franchise in the USA, as well as ranking as the 50th brokerage worldwide for home sales by REAL Trends. In 2018, JPAR trademarked the term “Exceeding Expectations™,” relentlessly going above and beyond for both their agents and clients. Now franchising across the USA, JPAR Franchising is set to take the USA by storm after entering 9 new states in its first six months.JPAR operates multiple offices across Alabama, Texas, Louisiana, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Arizona, New Mexico, and Florida, is expanding nationwide, and offers franchising opportunities for entrepreneurial real estate professionals. To learn more about becoming an agent or franchising visit

About Inside Real Estate:

Inside Real Estate is a fast growing, independently-owned real estate software firm that serves as a trusted technology partner to over 200,000 top brokerages, agents and teams. Their flagship product, kvCORE Platform, is the most modern and comprehensive solution in the industry known for delivering profitable growth at every level of a brokerage organization. Built on a modern, scalable and flexible architecture, kvCORE enables every brokerage to create their own unique technology ecosystem through custom branding, robust integrations and high-quality add-on solutions. With an accomplished leadership team and over 175 employees, Inside Real Estate brings the resources, scale and vision to deliver ongoing innovation and success to their growing customer base.

Why kvCORE?

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Why kvCORE?

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