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Inside Real Estate’s kvCORE Platform Experiences Rapid Demand And Growth Since Launch

Aug 1, 2018
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Inside Real Estate, leading provider of real estate technology software, is experiencing record growth since the release of its kvCORE Platform just shy of a year ago. Since its debut in July 2017, the number of kvCORE Platform users has swelled to over 30,000.

kvCORE is swiftly becoming the preferred technology platform for brokerages, and their top teams and agents. The platform includes an arsenal of robust brokerage and agent level features, including custom WordPress websites, powerful lead-generation tools, SmartCRM technology with lead scoring and back-end behavioral automation.

Since late 2017, top brokerages across the US and Canada have been selecting kvCORE as their technology platform, including The Keyes Company (Miami, FL), EXP Realty (US & Canada), First Team Real Estate (Southern CA), Allison James (Nationwide), Jack White Real Estate (Anchorage, AK), Five Star Real Estate (Grand Rapids, MI ) and many others. Word of mouth among brokerages has been phenomenal, with industry peers sharing personal success with kvCORE, which has heavily contributed to the widespread implementation and well above industry average adoption of the platform.

Wendi Iglesias, CIO of The Keyes Company, discussed some of the reasons she chose kvCORE for their over 3800 associates: “Keyes has chosen to roll out kvCORE to all of our associates across all brands because we believe the technology that kvCORE brings to the table will be a real game changer for our associates. Cutting-edge features, such as the real-time contact validation and lead behavioral automation, allow our associates to have more meaningful customer engagements at the right moment to improve the customer experience -- all while driving more closed deals.”

The high level of demand for kvCORE suggests the real estate industry has been waiting for a comprehensive platform solution from which a brokerage can run every facet of their business while also catering to the unique needs of teams and agents. “kvCORE is the top performing real estate technology that many brokerages, teams and agents alike have long been awaiting,” said industry veteran Travis Saxton, Senior Vice President of Technology Consulting at T3 Sixty. “Advanced features and automation -- that just plain work -- contribute highly to the adoption and success Inside Real Estate is experiencing with kvCORE. Those together with a continual breadth of new features and integrations allow a real estate professional at any level to tailor the platform into their own, custom tech powerhouse.”

The Inside Real Estate team is thrilled with the rapid growth, but not complacent.

“We are honored and excited to be the technology partner for the future with such great real estate companies, their agents and their teams,” says Joe Skousen, Founder and CRO of Inside Real Estate. “Our goal is to continually drive higher productivity per minute per agent within their businesses and enable brokerages to be wildly successful in today’s competitive ecosystem. We’re excited for where we've been over the last couple of years, but even more so for where we’re headed.”

About the kvCORE Platform

Inside Real Estate’s kvCORE Platform is a scalable, cloud-based platform built to power brokerages of all sizes, as well as the agents and teams within them. kvCORE automatically produces custom websites focused specifically on lead generation. Behavioral lead nurturing with AI components are built in to its SmartCRM, which drive higher ROI for agents’ leads and more business from their sphere of influence. The kvCORE mobile app provides access to all leads and contacts at all times and includes enhanced features such as a Mobile Dialer. A continually-growing Marketplace allows for deployment of top real estate technologies right within the brokerages brand, with easy access to transaction management, chat, digital marketing and consumer open house tools.

kvCORE also provides the ability for brokerages to offer sub-accounts to their teams, giving the teams their own lead-generation tools, lead routing, automation system, branding and more. This saves teams thousands of dollars and drives higher production, recruiting and retention.

About Inside Real Estate

Inside Real Estate is among the most successful and fastest growing real estate software companies in the market and serves tens of thousands of agents, teams, and brokers throughout the U.S. and Canada. The company is the residential real estate SaaS leader and developer of the kvCORE Platform and has recently acquired leading industry technologies Circlepix and Brokersumo.

Why kvCORE?

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Why kvCORE?

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