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Inside Real Estate’s kvCORE Platform Adds Robust Business Analytics to Help Real Estate Businesses Drive Bottom Line Results

Apr 19, 2019
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Leading broker platform, kvCORE, continues to elevate the sophistication of real estate technology by improving their comprehensive Business Analytics. These tools provide brokers, teams, and agents with in-depth visibility into their overall business health, pipeline and performance.

Inside Real Estate was one of the first tech providers in the industry to offer end-to-end business analytics, and the latest enhancements allow for even more detailed analysis. Comprehensive dashboards allow users to view overall business performance, lead generation analytics, agent accountability stats, and engagement details for each lead.

“For the majority of the real estate industry, broad analytics offering visibility into the health of their business have not been available,” says Nick Macey, Chief Product Officer for Inside Real Estate. “Every business needs this data, at every level of the organization, to make smart decisions about the best ways to drive growth. Our new Business Analytics dashboard, which allows the users to see data at the company level, office level, team level, and agent level, will no doubt aid in kvCORE user’s efforts to drive bottom-line results in everything they do.”

JP & Associates REALTORS® are using kvCORE's Business Analytics to make data-driven decisions. “The insights gained by this data enable our agents to stay focused on activities that drive sales success,” says Derek Taylor, Director of Technology at JP and Associates. “I believe this will help us achieve yet another competitive advantage in the market, and continue to further our core values - developing agents who sell more real estate and deliver the highest client satisfaction. No broker in our area can compete with the support that we give to our agents and the technical advantage that we offer.”

kvCORE’s new Business Analytics feature is comprised of five main components:


The Pipeline analytics offers at-a-glance insights into the overall health of the business and highlights areas that need improvement. The flexibility of the system allows each user to have a personalized view of the pipeline, whether a broker, team leader or individual agent. It also allows office managers and marketing managers to support agents by identifying opportunities to improve each stage of the pipeline. Do they know enough people? Are they generating enough leads? Do they have too many deals under contract? This data is key to helping drive higher agent productivity.


To develop an effective marketing pipeline, it’s critical to know where leads originate from and to understand what drives conversions. With detailed source performance data, kvCORE users can see, in real time, where leads are coming from, which marketing campaigns are working, and which ones are falling flat. Performance data can be filtered by time span, source, and so on - giving users the ability to drill down into every campaign from multiple angles. Source performance data also extends to individual contact files, allowing agents to see what triggered each point of engagement with a lead. By understanding what works, brokerages, teams, and agents can replicate effective efforts and increase their overall lead conversion.


kvCORE Platform uses behavior tracking, artificial intelligence, and powerful automation to drive sophisticated lead nurture campaigns. kvCORE Activity allows agents to quickly see what nurture activities are being automated on their behalf, as well as their level of engagement with each lead.

Having unrestricted access to a real-time log of every lead touch point is unique to the kvCORE system; competitors often obscure or hide this information. The kvCORE Activity dashboard pulls back the curtain on client engagement to help agents strategize proactively, highlighting hot prospects with high engagement as well as pointing to areas where there are under-engaged leads or contacts.

The kvCORE Activity dashboard displays search and behavior alerts, smart campaign stats, call, text, and email insights, and property view data. Having access to the analytics provided by kvCORE Activity is like having a personal assistant built into your back office.


The Consumer Interest dashboard arms agents, teams, and brokers with intel that gives them a big advantage over competitors. To connect with and convert leads, you need to understand what’s driving the most interest from consumers. The Consumer Interest dashboard answers that question by providing details on which properties get the most views, what zip codes and neighborhoods are most popular right now, and what price ranges are entered most frequently on property search pages. Instant access to these analytics helps brokers, teams, and agents react to market shifts quickly, which leads to better customer service and higher productivity across the organization.


Job performance is typically tracked using key performance indicator metrics, but most real estate platforms don’t offer brokers visibility into agent metrics. The inability to track agent accountability when it comes to lead follow-up is a widely shared pain point among broker-owners because poor follow-up means lost sales and less business. The Agent Performance dashboard is the solution to this long-time problem. Brokers get access to reports and a dashboard, based on a predetermined set of rules, that show how effectively their agents are following up with leads. Because kvCORE caters to the unique needs of teams, these rules can be enabled at both the office and team level.

“These insights give brokers and teams critical data about agent performance and additional control over how to best route their leads”, says Ken Katschke, VP of Product Development for Inside Real Estate. “Stellar lead follow-up can truly set an agent apart, and these reports enable brokers and team leads to ensure every lead is handled in the best possible way.”

About Inside Real Estate

Inside Real Estate is among the fastest growing real estate software companies in the industry and serves over 150,000 agents, teams, and brokers throughout the U.S. and Canada. The company is the developer of the kvCORE Platform, the only comprehensive brokerage platform that singlehandedly serves the needs of the broker, office manager, team lead and agent. To cater to the unique needs of every business, 50+ deep integrations and vetted partner solutions are available to platform users through the Marketplace, the cloud-based integration center for Inside Real Estate. For standalone teams with brokerages not supported by kvCORE, the k+ TEAM Platform is available with features designed specifically for the team business model.

Why kvCORE?

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Why kvCORE?

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