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Inside Real Estate’s Fall ‘21 Release is the fuel kvCORE fans need to tackle the current market and power up their 2022

kvCORE, the #1 ranked real estate platform, delivers continued innovation helping agents and teams drive additional business from their sphere, generate more listing opportunities, and increase efficiency to dominate the coming year.

Oct 13, 2021
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Saralynn White // PRWeb
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Inside Real Estate, the industry’s leader in innovation and key technology partner to top brokerages, teams and agents, has announced the Fall ‘21 Release of its flagship platform, kvCORE. Designed to benefit users in three unique ways, the Fall ‘21 release gives agents what they need to power up their sphere of influence, get and convert sellers, and attain better results via an enhanced kvCORE Smart CRM experience.

“Every day, we think about the power our team has to make an impact on the productivity and growth of our users,” says Nick Macey, President of Inside Real Estate. “We have to ask the right questions and listen to what our customers are saying. What do high performers in real estate do? It’s impossible to be a high performer without having the mindset of exploration and continuous improvement, and this release demonstrates our commitment to that belief.”

The Fall ‘21 Release will bring enhancements to all kvCORE users over the coming weeks. Highlights include:

Sphere Playbooks: Inside Real Estate launched their innovative “Playbook” technology in the Spring, making it faster and easier for agents to leverage kvCORE’s most high-impact features. Playbooks help agents focus on what they do best, supported by intelligent tech. The fall release expanded this productivity-enhancing toolset to help agents organize, nurture, and fully leverage their sphere of influence (SOI). Sphere Playbooks start by helping agents gather and organize their sphere contacts, which are often scattered across an agent’s email, phone, social media, CRM, etc., and frequently go overlooked. Additional Plays ensure every contact within an agent’s sphere is set up to receive high-value, relevant content to nurture the relationship and keep the agent top of mind, long-term. Sphere Playbooks take the best practices of top sphere-based selling techniques – like regular market reports, video birthday and home purchase anniversary messages, annual real estate reviews, and more – and automate them across an agent’s entire sphere, turning more contacts into customers and past customers into repeat customers.    

Sell Pages: With listing opportunities in high demand, kvCORE’s new Sell Pages help brokers and agents deliver an engaging, data-rich experience that captures likely sellers. Baked into kvCORE’s high-performance IDX websites, the new Sell Pages will offer homeowners three automated home value estimates, ensuring they get the instant answers they are looking for while highlighting the local expertise of an agent. A heat map features trending buyer demand along with comparable active and sold properties, ensuring the brokerage and agent remain the trusted local source. Due to kvCORE’s immense data footprint, the new Sell Pages leverage more intelligence from more sources, to capture sellers with high intent for the brokerage, team and agent.

CORE Present: The award-winning CMA & Presentation builder that was recently rated a perfect 5 stars by Inman News continues to deliver next-generation features that help agents close more deals. With rich consumer tracking, agents can now see exactly what pages of a presentation their clients viewed and how long they viewed them, and a heatmap indicates where the clients engaged most on the page. CORE Present then leverages AI to prompt the agent with thoughtful follow-up and scripted talking points to help them respond more effectively.

The Fall ‘21 release of kvCORE also includes a host of smaller features, improvements and platform refinements, including one of the most highly anticipated features this year, Advanced Hashtag Management, which helps agents organize their contact database according to their unique needs and preferences. Hashtags make it simple to categorize contacts and quickly trigger actions like adding “newsletter” or “empty nester” to subscribe someone to a campaign. Added Hashtag Management features allow agents to view all their hashtag groups and edit and merge existing hashtags all in one place.

Inside Real Estate will be showcasing features from the kvCORE Fall ‘21 Release in a live webinar on Tuesday, October 19 at 12:00 p.m. MST/2:00 p.m. The webinar will also reveal details surrounding the upcoming release of the company’s breakthrough homeownership platform technology, CORE Home, that will give brokerages complete control of client engagement across the entire homeownership lifecycle.

About Inside Real Estate

Inside Real Estate is a fast-growing, independently owned real estate software firm that serves as a trusted technology partner to over 250,000 top brokerages, agents, and teams. It was ranked the No. 1 Real Estate Tech Company in G2's Top 100 Software Awards, based solely on verified user reviews. Their flagship product, kvCORE Platform, is the most modern and comprehensive solution in the industry. kvCORE is known for delivering profitable growth at every level of a brokerage organization and. Built on a modern, scalable, and flexible architecture, kvCORE enables every brokerage to create its unique technology ecosystem through custom branding, robust integrations, and high-quality add-on solutions. With an accomplished leadership team and over 225 employees, Inside Real Estate brings the resources, scale, and vision to deliver ongoing innovation and success to their growing customer base.

Why kvCORE?

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Why kvCORE?

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