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Inman Review: CORE Present transcends category with powerful sales, marketing tools

CORE Present is a pristine example of what can happen to software when a creative entrepreneur is given proper industry support, trust and plenty of resources

Sep 16, 2021
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Craig C. Rowe // Inman
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This product review was originally published by Inman

CORE Present is a CMA creation and sales presentation solution for agents, teams and brokers.

Platforms: Browser, mobile-responsive
Ideal for: All levels of real estate professionals

Top selling points:

  • Exceptional flexibility
  • Powerful CMA data
  • Highly customizable
  • Works with how you sell
  • Superior UI and UX

Top concern:

Brokers wanting their hands on this product will have to hire kvCORE, which could introduce larger system migration concerns.

What you should know

I worry about products I like when they get acquired. It’s not very objective of me, but then again, I write this column because I love seeing technology solve problems. I can’t help but get a little smitten.

DashCMA was a great tool, and Inside Real Estate certainly knows how to build effective software. Little did I realize they’re also really good at letting creative technologists do their thing, so to speak.

The result of that 2020 acquisition is CORE Present, a pristine example of what can happen to software when a creative entrepreneur is given proper industry support, trust and plenty of resources.

There’s a bunch to talk about when it comes to the heavily data-driven CORE Present, and part of what makes it so good is that despite everything it offers, it never feels overwhelming.

Presentations can be made very robust by including sophisticated, interactive CMAs, seller net sheets and end-to-end branding elements. Or you can choose to send someone a single saved slide from the Presentation Library. Whatever the sales situation calls for, CORE Present will be there.

Naturally, it comes with out-of-the-box templates that categorize presentations accordingly: Why Am I the Right Fit, What’s Your Home Worth, Market Analysis, Marketing and Buyer Activity and Next Steps.

However, each template can be easily rearranged and alternatively designed based on your sales approach to the lead. You can add slides and very quickly adjust and reorganize. Some agents prefer to pitch themselves at the end and present market data upfront. In CORE Present, you have all the flexibility you need, and that flexibility is based on sales strategy.

Remember, a listing presentation is a chance to sell in a one-on-one environment. CORE Present is unique in that it lets you adjust your argument according to the individual, unequivocally proving the product’s mission to “differentiate the client, not the agent.” Do that, and you’ll likely win every time.

Presentations can be saved for later use and replicated in case only a few aspects need to be edited. You should never have to rebuild from scratch.

CORE Present isn’t static; many of its slides offer on-screen interactivity, allowing the agent to adjust comps, market data or home features, for example, during the discussion, a powerful way to help sellers understand variations in the market.

There’s also a single-page review, which enables a user to extract a summary page of sorts from the greater presentation as a one-off look or leave-behind. This has a wide range of value, from serving as an email attachment to an arm’s-length referral to stand-alone listing presentation for those leads who only have “a couple of minutes.”

The software can automatically pull in testimonials, include video introductions and show the number of in-office buyers who match the listing. Its calls to action include a link to a ready-to-go listing agreement or feedback form when the seller wants more time to think.

The feedback form is fast but allows listing agents and their brokers to understand what might need adjustment to win the deal. Furthermore, brokers and team leaders have their own admin modules to examine all feedback forms submitted, the data from which can be used to help coach the agent or identify office-wide selling trends.

CORE Present’s broker analytics measure per-presentation links clicked, pages viewed and volume of presentations given. The admin tools also provide office leaders to set branding and access controls throughout the system.

The extent of metrics available for brokers and team leads is impressive, allowing for intense clarity into what’s earning new listing agreements or why some agents can’t seem to get over the hump.

Broken down per agent, per office and even per specific time period, the presentation feedback tracking tools within CORE Present give users the power to understand lead objections by identifying decision barriers, such as a buyer still wanting to meet other agents, a seller wanting to list for more or the market being too competitive to list.

With that insight in hand, CORE Present users can learn how to get over similar hurdles with specific feedback recommendations, which when offered, become quick-click email responses agents can deploy in moments.

Essentially, what CORE Present has done here is turn a presentation tool into a unique, data-enriched coaching tool that transcends the software’s own category. It deftly leverages the hours of consumer face time agents log through their presentations, so a missed listing presentation is never time wasted — it’s a documented opportunity to do better next time.

While I tend to applaud web-based presentation tools that “remain live” on dynamic URLs with automatic market updates, CORE Present believes that approach could hamper the agent by not knowing for themselves what changes may have occurred in a CMA.

Its approach is to expire presentations after seven days. It doesn’t delete them; it simply requires agents to refresh them as an opportunity to learn about current conditions for themselves. Both tactics have merit, but I always like seeing a different way of doing things.

There’s no doubt Inside Real Estate’s internal code support and business intelligence helped get this product to where it now stands, but at the heart of CORE Present is the work of Karen Abram, who rose quickly in real estate while at it part-time largely on the merits of the CMA tools now intrinsic to kvCORE.

CORE Present lives within the kvCORE ecosystem, which will be introducing its own new iteration soon, as well.


If you are a kvCORE user, know that your agents became a great deal more empowered, and your partnership a whole lot more valuable.

About the author: Craig C. Rowe started in commercial real estate at the dawn of the dot-com boom, helping an array of commercial real estate companies fortify their online presence and analyze internal software decisions. He now helps agents with technology decisions and marketing through reviewing software and tech for Inman.

Why kvCORE?

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Why kvCORE?

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