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Research, trends and in-depth analysis from experts across the industry.

Choosing the Right Tech & the Right Tech Partner

Learn the questions your brokerage needs to ask when you’re selecting technology – and a technology partner – to address your specific needs and set yourself up for long-term success.

We’ve collaborated with T3 Sixty – the leading real estate technology consulting company – to produce this critical 3-part guide to help your real estate brokerage in one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a business leader: the evaluation, selection, and rollout of the foundational technology that powers your brokerage. In Part 1 of this guide, we’ll focus on recommendations for brokerages on how to engage in evaluating new technology and selecting a key technology partner.

The Definitive Guide to Winning Over Today's Sellers

How to beat the competition, earn your client's trust, and win more listings than ever

What do potential sellers need to see and hear to list with you? How do you prove you’re the perfect agent for them and that your pricing and marketing strategy will get the job done? This guide will show you how next-generation technology can turn you into a storytelling and selling virtuoso.

Reaching qualified home buyers with Facebook lead ads and the Conversions API

Through an innovative partnership with Facebook, this study was conducted to find a way to identify higher-quality real estate leads and increase lead conversions, while keeping quality lead costs stable.

Inside Real Estate tested whether optimizing for conversion leads and integrating via the Facebook Conversions API would bring in more high-quality leads for a client’s real estate business, and saw a 20% higher conversion rate.

Playbooks Meet Real Estate Tech

How tech-enabled playbooks are driving productivity and profit

Our Playbooks – the first of their kind in real estate – combine the most powerful features of kvCORE, curated into a streamlined, automated flow to help users achieve top business results. Learn how we harnessed the power of the highest impact kvCORE features, plus best practices of top users to bring you a simple, wizard-like experience that will be a game-changer for your business.

5 Ways CORE PropertyBoost Will Help Your Brokerage Increase Marketshare

Learn Five Proven Strategies to Maximize Your Listing Exposure and Leads with CORE PropertyBoost

CORE PropertyBoost helps you and your agents quickly run lead generating Facebook ads for their listings, and keeps your seller clients updated with daily reports about performance.

COVID-19 Industry Response & Outlook Report

An analysis of the impact to the U.S. residential real estate industry from COVID-19 by assessing real-time data alongside sentiment from brokers and agents on the front lines.

Inside Real Estate covers 99% of all real estate listings, and hundreds of thousands of brokers, teams and agents interact with millions of consumers each month via Inside Real Estate’s software. We’ve compiled this comprehensive data set to analyze the impact of COVID-19 on the real estate industry.

Why Cookie-Cutter Tech Just Doesn’t Cut It

How identifying 'personas' can help you better understand and implement solutions your agents and teams will actually use.

What do agents and teams really need to drive results in their business? What can you provide as a broker to ensure they’ll use the technology you invest in? Download this case study to find out.

Top Tech Must Haves for Brokers

The Best Tech Features for Increasing Agent Productivity and Recruiting & Retaining Top Talent

Brokers are bombarded with tech solutions that promise to be the "game changer" for their business. But the only tech that matters are the ones that your agents will use and find actual success with. Here are the tech attributes actually bring bottom-line results to your brokerage.

The 6 Hottest Tech Features Being Used by Top Teams

“Team focused tech” is in hot demand - download this study to find out what every team needs to know.

Inside Real Estate, which powers over 200,000 agents and 4,000 of the nation’s top teams and brokers, has a strong pulse on the unique needs of teams. What are the team features we hear about the most? Here’s a rundown of the top functions being used and demanded by top teams across the country.

Real Trends Brokerage Profitability Study


Find out what successful brokerage firms are doing today to maintain and drive profit. REAL Trends surveyed hundreds of brokerages to identify the top five key drivers positively influencing their profitability. In this case study, we’ll breakdown the 5 key profit drivers as well as critical elements specific brokerages are implementing to execute on them effectively.

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