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Homes of Idaho

Homes of Idaho experiences record growth by breaking the "one-size-fits-all" mold. “We’ve been able to build our own tech ecosystem that fits our culture and brand, so even if another brokerage in our market is using kvCORE, it isn’t going to look like our kvCORE.” -- Colby Lampman, Broker/Owner, Homes of Idaho

Inside Real Estate℠ Now Providing Agent Marketing Platform to Intermountain MLS Agents

Real estate technology firm, Inside Real Estate, has announced an agreement with Intermountain Multiple Listing Service (IMLS) to provide their Core3 Online Marketing Platform that includes agent websites, blogging, social media, CRM, and IDX search solutions to its approximately 4,000 agents throughout the Treasure Valley, Idaho area.

Your Real Estate Lead Conversion Rate - Are You the Bottom of The Barrel?

With real estate lead generation, there are lots of different ways and methods to receive and generate those leads. So, what are the right components for great lead return?

Is Your Brokerage Wasting Your Real Estate Leads & Face Time?

The trick to taking advantage of the leads you have as well as driving more conversion out of new leads is all about well-placed automation and strict tracking. Here are 4 things you should have in place in order to achieve the highest conversion rates on current and new leads.

Real Estate Brokerage CRM & Leads - Working in the Old vs NEW

Why is it that you run into so many old-fashioned “CRM” systems? What a brokerage, successful team, or large real estate company truly needs is high integration and high automation around some very simple tools that make your life easier. For today’s post, we have brought together some of the ways that working leads and contacts in an old system or process contrasts with the way they can (and should) be worked in a new technology system.

Top 5 Profit-Drivers of an Automated Real Estate CRM

In real estate, the million-dollar question is, ‘How do I make more money?’ The easy answer: close more deals. Unfortunately, it’s not always as easy as it sounds, otherwise, we’d all be rolling in the dough. By automating some of your most important and time-consuming processes, you can become more effective in cultivating leads, keeping in touch with clients, and managing your active listings. So, what does your brokerage automated look like? Here are a few ways that a real estate CRM can automate your marketing and team activities to help you work smarter and become more profitable.