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Custom Website Solutions

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Custom Website Solutions

Semi-Custom Templates & Custom Featured Areas

Punch up your kvCORE website design with your own branding & widgets. Upgrade to a semi-custom agent, team or office website.  

With customized office and team websites, the design will trickle down and push to all agent sites in that office or team. Semi-custom designs are quick to produce and give you flexibility to customize for company branding, choose your own colors, special logos, photos and video.  Each site is mobile friendly. 

Market Specific Website

Are you trying to target multiple markets? Want to tailor a site for specific lead gen? Expand your reach to each area by adding an additional kvCORE website. Launch a dedicated kvCORE site for a specific area or farm. 

Add an additional website will help you reach targeted potential clients, and adding an extra website at the office, team, or agent level, can allow you to expand your reach through organic or paid marketing.

kvCORE templated websites are designed for visitor-to-lead conversion. Driving traffic to multiple sites with localized content can increase your online presence, website conversion rate and supercharge your pipeline.

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