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Paid Advertising Solutions

Leverage Inside Real Estate’s expertise to keep your lead generation running smoothly and effectively so you can focus on your time on your clients.  Choose from any combination of Google advertising, Facebook advertising and retargeting campaigns to amp up your lead volume on a daily basis.

Managed Google Pay Per Click Ads

If you're looking for more "low hanging fruit" buyers who might do a transaction with you in the next 3-12 months, direct Google Search leads are a great option.  Google Pay Per Click Leads tend to have more intent because these people are actively searching for properties to buy.

Our team leverages our 10+ years of data gathered running Google PPC Campaigns to design your competitive campaign, with a comprehensive list of keyword targets and ad variations that generate you the best cost per contact possible.

Google Display Branded Retargeting

Google retargeting will help you stay top of mind for your website visitors. When people visit your website they are "pixeled" for future follow up.

Google retargeting will create animated banner ads to follow your prospects around on Google's vast display network, which includes millions of sites. Your photo and logo are displayed with a link back to your kvCORE website.

Retargeting helps convert your contacts and leads by re-engaging them. Your contacts trust you more because you seem to be everywhere, and it also feels to them like you have a massive ad budget. Your sphere remembers you're in business and sends you referrals.

Facebook AI Advertising & Retargeting

Keep your kvCORE database growing with fresh leads. Target homeowners and renters within 15 miles of your chosen zip code.  

Artificial Intelligence targets the right audiences and rotates your ads to generate the right mix of quantity & quality.  Leads come in with name, email, cell phone numbers and a hashtag so you can configure automatic alerts & smart campaigns.  

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