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CORE Multichannel

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CORE Multichannel

CORE Multichannel gives you 3 powerful components that help you generate & convert leads.

  1. Facebook & Instagram "Lead Form" Ads

    Inside Real Estate uses Facebook's lead form ads to capture valid names and contact info for you and to create multiple property search creatives to engage all types of leads.

    Leads generated from Facebook ads have a unique hashtag (#mchannel) automatically applied upon being added to your Smart CRM which allows you to easily filter for and track them. This hashtag should also be used to trigger Auto Assigned Search Alerts and a Smart Campaign as part of your follow-up plan for these leads.

  1. Google Display Retargeting

    When someone visits your kvCORE website, they will leave with a tracking pixel that will display an animated banner with your image and contact info wherever Google ads are allowed to display online. The banner will also be linked to your kvCORE website so visitors can easily return to search.

    This re-targeting method re-engages your website visitors and can help convert them from visitor to lead. Once they've registered as a lead, they will continue to see that animated banner which will breed familiarity with you and your brand. This helps nurture and convert them to a client because they will begin to trust you as an agent and you will stay top of mind.

  1. CORE Concierge Follow Up

    Leads that are generated from CORE Multichannel will immediately be entered into Inside Real Estate's concierge service. This means that someone on the CORE Concierge team (located in North America) will follow up with every generated lead automatically until the lead is qualified, meaning that the lead has expressed interest in speaking with you.

    All notes and communication will be added to each lead's Timeline and once they are qualified a warm transfer to you as their agent will take place. Any unqualified leads will continue to receive follow-up from the concierge team for 6 months.

Leveraging CORE Multichannel

Broker Advantages

If you are funding an eLeads program for your agents, you have a built-in assurance that the leads are being followed up with the CORE Concierge service. There is also the potential to control a higher split on CORE Concierge-qualified leads.

Agent Advantages

Very busy veteran agents, new agents still figuring everything out, and all the agents between will benefit from the CORE Concierge team following up with their leads and can rest assured that the team will be working towards qualifying the leads on their behalf! Your pipeline will have a constant flow of new leads and opportunities without you having to do anything. Your time is freed up which allows you to focus on winning listings, matching buyers to homes, running open houses, and selling homes.

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