Growing your brokerage or team? 5 of the most creative recruiting tips we’ve seen

Two valued Inside Real Estate brokerage clients share the unique ways they recruit (and retain) agents, plus we have recruiting tips from our Agent and Success Team.

September 15, 2021
Saralynn White
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How does a real estate brokerage or team grow? With top talent and agents who continually produce revenue. So, there are two metrics that matter most: recruitment and retention.

Recruiting is essential to brokerage growth, but it can take a long time for people to move between brokerages. Most agents can’t start tomorrow (they have business to close), so you must stay in front of them – and build a relationship over time. Retention comes to brokerages and teams that offer the right tools and technology that agents are asking for, and when that happens retention is a powerful recruiting tool.

That’s why we took note when a couple of our brokerage clients shared the unique ways they recruit (and retain) agents. Our Agent Engagement and Success team also shared some unique tips for recruiting using kvCORE. In fact, some of the ideas are steal-worthy. Here’s our top 5: 

  1. Share an introductory video while the agent is waiting for their interview. Ernesto Vega, CEO of Canvas Real Estate says there are three things fundamental to success that you cannot outsource: technology, recruiting, and training. That’s why they share an introductory video all about kvCORE platform with every agent they recruit. In fact, they text the video to recruits while they’re waiting in the Canvas lobby for an interview! Vega says there have been times when agents have preempted the interview and told him they’re ready to join before he even gets started.
  2. “Take care of your realtors and recruiting will take care of itself.” Donny Samson, CEO of Samson Properties, says retention is their best recruitment tool. They provide all the information an agent would need to decide to join their brokerage – upfront. They offer kvCORE free to agents, and Sampson says, “Once agents see and hear about our tech stack, the deal is done.” Turns out, 86% of all new Samson agents come from referrals within the brokerage. We say that’s successful recruiting.
  3. Use IdealEstate in kvCORE to ensure recruits are the right fit for your brokerage. Not everyone who wants to join your brokerage is the right fit. With IdealEstate in kvCORE, you can identify agents based on production and geographic location. It aligns people who are looking to get into the industry and people who are looking to make a change to a new area. It’s a seamless way to attract, recruit, and retain great talent. Plus, your brokerage or team has visibility to see who’s coming into kvCORE from the IdealEstate network, and he or she can be funneled straight to your kvCORE Platform. “What really distinguishes IdealEstate is the personal touch it allows to look at the people, not just the metrics,'' says Brody Sanders, CEO of IdealEstate. “You can intelligently nurture and engage with recruits through automated campaigns until the candidate is ready for a live conversation.”
  4. Use a text campaign to send people to your recruiting page or a landing page that educates them about your brokerage. Ryan Hartman, VP of Agent Engagement and Success at Inside Real Estate, suggests using a text campaign using a hashtag (e.g., #Iamcapable). You can add a campaign for those leads in kvCORE to automate recruiting campaigns. Your reply is limited to 140 characters, so it’s a great way to get a cell phone number and chat immediately with a candidate/agent. You’ll find a plethora of other ideas from Ryan and his team Inside Real Estate Facebook Discussion Group.
  5. Create personalized videos instead of texts or emails to up the conversation. Recruiting is about relationship building, which can be much easier or much harder in the digital world. That’s where video comes in (it's not just for real estate clients). One broker told us he was having a hard time connecting with a candidate and then he noticed that the agent was having a work anniversary. He created a quick video using CORE Video powered by BombBomb (available in kvCORE Marketplace) and the agent immediately responded. Video messages are quick and simple, and a whole lot more personal.

Are you attracting talent by offering agents the tools they need to win in today’s market? If your agents are happy and productive – and if they’re recruiting other agents to join your brokerage – you know you’re offering real value. At Inside Real Estate, we’ve seen agents flocking to brokerages using kvCORE. Let us help you ramp up your recruiting and bring top-performing agents to your brokerage using the power of kvCORE. Grab your demo today.

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Why kvCORE?

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Why kvCORE?

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