The next-generation CMA and presentation builder that helps you win the listing, win the offer, win the representation, and WOW clients, every time.

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Be a Storytelling & Selling Virtuoso

What’s the most visible way to showcase your expertise and brand? Storytelling with the right data. CORE Present, built within kvCORE, is the next-generation CMA and presentation builder that helps you guide clients through an interactive and compelling pricing discussion. Using a single, intuitive tool, you can create an engaging CMA in under a minute or build a fully branded, customized presentation with real-time activity tracking to ensure you win the deal.

Key Benefits of CORE Present
Next-Generation CMA & Presentation Builder

Work alongside buyers and sellers interactively and show them unique, big-picture pricing that combines multiple pricing perspectives in a single view. CORE Present combines over 20 pricing perspectives in one complete view so that you can dig into the trends that matter.

With CORE Present, your brand shines throughout the entire presentation. Sophisticated customization lets you set brand color palettes, add multiple logos, adjust imagery, and more. It’s easy to use, and your brokerage and individual agents can upload or create your custom content, so your brand and message are showcased from start to finish.

Give clients a complete, guided experience interactively from your office, living room, or wherever you are. Want to add another slide or include information about schools in the area? Everything about CORE Present is dynamic, so you can dig into the report with your clients and easily modify comps on the fly.

Is your client shopping for the right agent? Do they have a contingent sale, or are they on the fence about selling right now? CORE Present stands out in the market because it incorporates user persona options that capture the tone, aesthetic, and structure of your narrative – so you deliver high-impact content customized to your buyer’s or seller’s unique situation. Beautiful designs are easily tailored to reflect their aesthetic, too. Is their style traditional, modern, or luxury? Match your presentation to your customer’s unique persona, and you prove you’re unique, too.

Give your buyers and sellers a complete picture in person or online, then send it to them in an interactive link, share it in a portable document format (PDF), or simply print it out. You use the method most suitable for you and your clients.

CORE Present drives action because it tracks precisely what consumers are viewing. Did they view the highest-priced comp on their street, or are they focused on average days on the market? You see what matters most to the client, empowering you to pinpoint your follow-up and seal the deal.

Why CORE Present?

Empower your agents to win more listings & close more deals

Tell a compelling story with accurate data

Never again overwhelm buyers and sellers with data that doesn’t fit their needs. CORE Present lets agents interpret data based on your clients’ needs, so you tell a more compelling story that stands out. CORE Present is modern, intuitive, and easy to use, plus it’s optimized to let you quickly create and view customized presentations on any device. Presentations are far more conversational and visually engaging. You showcase yourself as the expert and win the offer and the listing every time. 

Make a great impression every time 

What aesthetic appeals to your client? What buying or selling hurdles are you trying to overcome? CORE Present helps you paint the right picture with design styles tailored to your client. Plus, you can prioritize the information in any order you choose to address what’s opportune now.  

Focus on precisely what’s vital to your client

This is where CORE Present truly stands out: robust tracking lets you see what’s most important to your clients because it tracks their behavior. Where did your clients spend the most time? Did they spend more time looking at a specific comp? Were they more focused on the average time to sell? No other tool empowers agents to create a follow-up script that will get the deal done.

Showcase your brand 

Your brand is invaluable, so CORE Present lets you brand every element of your presentation with much more than a simple header or logo. You stay on-brand with customization tools and a style guide that includes fonts, templates, colors, logos, imagery, and more, extending from page one to the end. You can also upload or create your own custom brokerage content. Your stunning presentation is a true representation of your brand and keeps the conversation going from prospect to close. 

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